baby seedlings

baby seedlings poem by steven james humphreys

I learned something recently that I need to stay mindful of... that, I am the one who 'owns' my consciousness. thoughts we harbor grow baby seedlings becoming scripts we wrote forgetting why our lives turned out this way because of what we sowed decades ago. and then, we blame others and the world when what … Continue reading baby seedlings

in search of our rabbit hole

in search of our rabbit hole poem by steven james humphreys

I have an interest in the spirutual and watch YouTube videos regularly where I found this guy who calls himself as a play on words, 'Shaman Oaks' because he lives in Sherman Oaks. he is searching for his truth through a tool known as 'DMT...' I am not adventurous like he appears nor brave enough … Continue reading in search of our rabbit hole

I never thought I’d feel this way…

It's Friday night and this is my drinking night I never thought it would be this way looking out my window to the stars this way that I'd feel the loss of my 'Bubba' dog this much and miss him so through time I feel so haunted he's not here and it never seems to … Continue reading I never thought I’d feel this way…

don’t give me away

don't give me away poem by steven james humphreys

my dear mother nature please don't toss my heart into your darkness and greatest abyss enough of this torture, tell me I'm a good man this foolish world and its way so tough so cold sometimes warm never enough human nurture. you live your game your own way and grow your grass and leaves and … Continue reading don’t give me away