Drink, I say!

Do it now

before you


people don’t change.

it is we who must.

i was so happy

drunk every night.

my liver took it away!

damned liver!

life, with it’s ugly head

just had to barge right in

and spoil my drunkenness!

damned life!

my troubles washed Continue reading Drink!

Living in the Land of Neurosis

Living in the

land of neurosis

get that diagnosis

feeling very


don’t kill yourself

go take another Continue reading Living in the Land of Neurosis


It’s Saturday Night and Time to Party

It’s Saturday night and everything’s

alright not feeling uptight don’t want to pick a fight

this old farty is feeling kind of hardy

he’s old and got these sugar cravings got in the

cupboard looked around and found something Continue reading It’s Saturday Night and Time to Party

Someday, These Will be your Good Old Days

Someday, These Will

be your Good Old Days.

Fond memories.

And, things you’d

rather not remember

will become gray.

you will know

why all those

old geezers

like old cars,

old music

and things bygone

you never even knew



The Right to Speak

Freedom of speech is your right to say what others do not want to hear, while those you don’t agree with speak their minds against what you just said. That is, if you are lucky  enough you aren’t beaten up or killed… https://www.instagram.com/p/Boei0SfHfZketiOnsYT7G0xtYgMxXFENa51sDA0/