Steven Humphreys 31 best like poems
My most 'Liked' poems

My Reader’s 31 most ‘Liked’ Poems

I found '31' of my most 'liked' poems and put them all in one convenient place. Why 31? I recounted and there was 31 instead of 30. Never was too swift at math... Do enjoy reading these hand picked poems. Remember, reading one a day keeps the 'madness' away... It’s been a long time Halves… Continue reading My Reader’s 31 most ‘Liked’ Poems

be no more poem by steven james humphreys
Love and loss, Nostalgia

be no more

there is a time to talk and we know it's now as it was then that we uncover all our yearnings that we dispel all our grudges that someday you and I will be the breeze remembered.

the watered down sea poem by steven james humphreys
Nature, Spiritual and beyond

the watered down sea

watered down lonely sea submerged mystery dark night grey foam screeching seagulls fly aimlessly mocking the white caps it is as though they circle above this vessel looking down laughing a haunted cackle like white crows but this earthly mariner sleeps his deep sleep in a warm bed as its captain steers his ship toward… Continue reading the watered down sea

Banana in the monkey's fruit basket poem by steven james humphreys

banana in the monkey’s fruit basket

he's the banana in the monkey's fruit basket his mind's crazy but don't ask it when you feel lazy there's an unknown wire connected to that space ship hovering above his head straight to planet Zoit run by emperor Fred hearing those voices more and more knocking on his broken wooden head planting evil seeds… Continue reading banana in the monkey’s fruit basket


convertible driver

do not fret over wondering who and what you are for you are your own driver as your wind swept hair reminds you that you are not your car it drives you crazy being so lazy looking up at those dancing stars riding the waves of pot hole bumps on the road massage your spine… Continue reading convertible driver

Walk through walls poem by steven james humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

walk through walls

the earth is shifting to a new dimension those whose hearts turn Godly will fly without wings and do all those things the angels do performing real magic walking through walls there will be no more pain and suffering and no darkness and those with hearts of stone will be left behind to fight amongst… Continue reading walk through walls