we stand in trees

we stand in trees poem by steven james humphreys

we who stand in trees of delight and sorrow an orange madness breeze shines down on our city of darkness we endure so many days undone and many hungry hands await in moral turpitude for their own divinity to be delivered... only when those relentless bullets fire from the gun of God's fury, all sullen … Continue reading we stand in trees

golden shades of hue

golden shades of hue poem by steven james humphreys

golden shades of hue nothing we do is left watching shadows sift through heads, walls and doors from you these golden shades of hue deceased thoughts feeling blue turned pages changing flowered cages running red under doorway graveled gateways in great rolling fog soundings of thunder in this age we travelled we, the dearest of … Continue reading golden shades of hue

clown town, U.S.A.

living in this town poem by steven james humphreys

you live in an angry clown town where they don't talk they look at the ground spouting their stupid mouths off half cocked all the time in senseless rhyme... they walk by faces like rock they don't like you cause' you 'get around'. they 'hate your guts' cause' you're different... you don't talk like them. … Continue reading clown town, U.S.A.