everything’s broken

everything's broken poem by steven james humphreys

everything's broken make it all new I know I'm alive I'm near being through I worked on myself it's all I can do It's almost over now in a world split in two.    

a man with a plan

a man with a plan poem by steven james humphreys

wish a wish be a man with a plan however so big no matter how grand look down at the ground at the grave we all dig was done in our past fall down in the grass and look what you did be happy and free to an end coming at last. for it comes … Continue reading a man with a plan

long days of night

long days of night poem by steven james humphreys

when you've been living long you feel the countryside in your bones creation is always forthright, it tells its grand story honestly within simplicity of a blue sky, green grass, a breeze ruffling tree branches, birds landing nearby pecking seeds. how comforting it is that the universe subtly reassures you that at the end of … Continue reading long days of night

there stood the angel

there stood the angel poem by steven james humphreys

he looked straight through the mirror there was another exit the angel hovered in the sky. 'who are you'? the angel replying, 'why'? there it was in all its glory glowing white like a set of headlights casting no shadow through the roof it lowered like autumn leaves gliding the dark rooms illuminated where drunken … Continue reading there stood the angel

searching for grandfather

searching for grandfather poem by steven james humphreys

hiding in contours of the dusty unread book. lonesome termites run through his thoughts eating through pages he'd read like countless hungry worms. printed ink transformed his mindful thinking a painted illusion of a lantern held in a small boat drifting in the center of a lake... the unborn girl in search of grandpa.