In a Frame

In a frame

On a wall

Trees Tall

Blue skies fall

Looking out

Window worn

Playing Kids

Faces small

Clouds are Continue reading In a Frame


This Little Boy

This little boy


he had

a home

He searched

and searched

but only roamed

for a family


somehow knew

Those silly things

He had believed

Were all but Continue reading This Little Boy

Edgar Allan Poe influenced me

Edgar Allan Poe influenced me early in life, writing poetry. But much later in life, I wrote Deafly Thinking, Hell Bent, Ode to Uncle Joe, Always, Angel of the Water, Darkly Winged  and Night Blooming Jasmine in that same spirit as when I was a young teen. Continue reading Edgar Allan Poe influenced me

Something Unexpected

Something Unexpected comes your way

Yes, it happens to me all the time

And, what is that you ask?

I might tell you

I really haven’t come up with much in about six decades, maybe longer, my friend

Lord knows, I’ve tried my best to figure my existence out

How about you, have you ever wondered?

Where was I?

I missed the Continue reading Something Unexpected

Ode to Uncle Joe

The Ode to Uncle Joe

I sing to you!

Uncle had some wisdom

You know he had a tid bit of it

At least, give him that credit, will ya!

He lived his life the way he wanted to, didn’t he?

Turn me on, Deadman

Stop that!

Respect Poor Old Uncle Joe!

It’s his Funeral

Poor Old Uncle Joe can Continue reading Ode to Uncle Joe