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My love for you is always like leaves falling

Yes, I know It’s no big deal

But, you have to take a closer look to appreciate it

Look at all the falling leaves

See their beautiful colors







Look at them

Aren’t they beautiful falling in a breeze?

We sit on this bench hand in hand and they fall around our feet

In the Autumn wind they float like tiny sail boats at sea landing softly on the ground

See that one up there floating right now

No, the one to the right

Yes, that’s it

See it

That’s me falling


There I am

Yes, you do see me

Over there

Try to catch me

There I am

You caught me

You have me in your hands

Please don’t crush me

My heart is fragile

I always fall, fall, fall

That’s what I do

I do it for you

See my color

You can step on me

You can crush my heart in your hand

You could toss me away

Yes, you could

You know you could

You could leave me all alone in pieces

But, you decided to keep me around, didn’t you

Your Words are a double edged sword, aren’t they

They lash out at me in anger

Cutting me deep

You can make me feel good

By saying something nice

But, love forgives those mean words, doesn’t it

My love for you always does

I am Red, Yellow, Green, Brown

I am like a leaf

Please, don’t blow me away

When we met

You turned your eyes to me

You made me feel beautiful inside

My humble gift to you

Is Me…

I know I won’t live forever

But, I will have known I had always Loved you

It is a great love

Not a petty one

It won’t go POOF in the night when a storm comes

It does not sizzle on the sidewalk in the Summer like a Rotten Egg

It’s cool in the Heat of the daylight

It smells like a sweet flower

And, it’s warm in the Winter

It never freezes

And, never bakes

It never leaves

It doesn’t run

It stands tall in a Tornado

It stands strong in any Hurricane

Yes, we’ve been through a few of those times, haven’t we my dear

But, it survived into the next season and then to the next intact

It renews itself like it was before

It is an old love, it is a new love, it is timeless

When I’m gone

You will have gotten from me all that I am and all I can give

Because, what I do and what things I’ve already done, I did and do for you

I will someday disappear all used up and blow away as dust in the earthy wind

And, wherever we go

We will find each other, again

Yes, I’m listening

You have something to ask me

What else do you want


I’ll try to get some for you

What else

You want more things…

Yes, Things can have a special meaning

Like a ring on your finger

A piece of paper that says we are married

This will float in the wind

It can be put in a frame and tacked on the wall for all to see

It can be crumpled up and thrown away when we get mad

It can be lit on fire when we are finally through with each other

A ring will make a TING sound if dropped on the floor

And yes, it can be picked up and put right back on again

Paper and Gold can symbolize love

Like a box of candy

Like flowers

Like a card

Like an Anniversary

Like a new car

Like a new house

Even, like a Leaf

Some of these will rust

Some of these will break down

Some of these will get old

But, rest assured, My Love for you never rusts

It never breaks

It’s always there to give

It heals when it gets hurt by your mean words

It forgives

It always does

Hundreds of times

Thousands of times

The heart broken will heal and love again

You can beat it with your hammer

Beat it flat

It will still rise from the depths of your HELL

I will arrive as an Angel

And, forgive

Love, forgives

Love, forgets

But, Love always remembers this…

It’s all I can ever give to you

Is it enough for you

Is ME enough

Is the me inside enough for you

I Love you when it Rains

I love you when it pours

I love you in the Sun

Love survives all weather, all seasons

So, Go ahead, rake me up

Rake me up and throw me in the trash

Throw me away

I will fall for you again

Tomorrow, next week, next month

No, not when it is cold

When it is warm I will fall

I’m a Leaf, what else do leaves do

I am a mere Leaf in flight

I repeat, I repeat, then I fall, then repeat

I had no choice

I was a leaf

I soared

I floated

I fell

I do what I do because that’s all I know

I am what I am and no more than that

I did what I was supposed to do

Yes, for you

Only you

I am a thousand Leaves

Colored for you

Red is a kiss,

Green is a hug,

Yellow is warm,

And, Brown is forever

This is my promise to you

This is My Love for You

I give you me…

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