Angel of the Water

sage, poetry, prose, poems, steven humphreys

An Angel Who already had a Name

Belonging to her parents

That Angel grew through the years

Rushing down, down, down the stream of life

See, look quick!

Blood is thicker than any other blood

The Water flowed under the bridge of time

Carrying away memory of me

An Angel who already had a Name

Perched upon a hidden unnamed shoulder

A daughter’s gaze, never

Child eyes never looked

That child flew away


Forever gone

That Angel Who already had a Name flew up to the clouds

And, looked down

She flew far away like Angels do

To another universe

Her heart was never near

Her heart flew away

That Angel changed through the years

She grew into another person

Always belonging to her Mother and Father

An Angel Who already had a Name

At each years passing

She changed again

It was like the old person disappeared

She grew a slightly different face, body, and attitude

These shape shifting angels

Morphed into the ether

The birthday parties, the sleepovers, the giggling friends, the school functions…

Never again

But, In the beginning

She was an Angel Who already had a Name

The world smiled upon her

It always did

It cried with her

It does still

The Sun shines on her free spirit

The Sun sets on me

The moon brings a glow to her face

The moon only haunts my soul these days

Yet, I am still, here…

Still breathing

Seeing with olden eyes

Hearing with olden ears

Feeling with an olden heart

There was that fateful day she fled

We had no say

From out of the blue came he

A stranger at our doorstep

He took that Angel away

When OLD and gray

She will recognize one day

No one survives life…

We all float down that river together picked off one by one, alone

We all flow into the big wide ocean dissolving into obscurity

When you are wise enough to hear it

Your ears will ring

Loud like a Trumpet’s calling

During the time you have left

Remembering that bygone time

Wishing you realized

Those things that you know now

Never to experience again

With the Angel Who already had a Name

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