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There’s bad in the world


There’s good in the world


But, where does it live?


Where is good and bad, really?


Isn’t it in the hearts and minds of mankind?


I do pray, but I can’t tell outside me that anything has been changed by God because of me and my invisible prayers


God doesn’t change


Why would he?


He doesn’t have to answer to anyone


He calls the shots


I have changed though


Sometimes, out of sheer necessity


I can look back through my life and see that it’s so


I can verify that


I learned a valuable lesson in life that I can change no one but me


And, it’s been mighty hard


At times, very easy


Change is good


Change is bad


But, only I can make me change


I can’t change you


No one likes to be changed


No one can be made to change


They have to muster up their own motivation


I keep telling myself I can change


And, I know I still can


Because, I did so before on many occasions


Sometimes, I did it for the wrong reasons


I changed for someone else because they wanted me to change


Then, when I did


They didn’t want me anymore


Because, I was not the same person they met in the beginning


Funny how that works


There are still some things about me I want to change


It never happens when I want it to


It happens in its own time although the basic me will never change


Sometimes, we’re not quite ready for a change in ourselves or surroundings


I know that I can change the way I look at things even though I’m old and set in my ways


God has all the time he wants to do whatever it is he does


And, I know his work is hidden from my eyes and ears


I’m sure he feels it’s none of my damned business what he does, how he thinks, and all that garbage


I’m just me trying to get by and get to the next level


Because when you think you’re wise


Life proves you wrong


And, sometimes when something changes in you


You can’t figure out if it made your life worse or better


You may still have the wrong idea


You may never know what’s up or down about it


Like the wisest men, I don’t have endless time here on earth to think things out like God does


My time here is a mere speck of sand in eternity


Yet, In the meantime…


My body changes, my mind changes, and my spirit changes


From head to toe


Straight down to the place my soul lives


Wherever that is


No one knows


Or, will ever find out…




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