Crowded Malls

sage, poetry, prose, poems, steven humphreys

Walking through crowded Malls bumping into people

Muddling through grimacing

Looking at the hot sun through my small car window saving a lousy quart of gas

Tossing crumpled hamburger papers over my shoulder turning left on Mulberry Drive

Scratching my anguished head

Longing for Taco Tuesday craving an ice cold beer

Looking at that overdue bill that screams at me in the corner over there

Calling in sick to work submerging anonymously into a theater sitting next to a coughing sneezing stranger watching a romantic movie feeling more alone and abandoned than before I strolled in

Mother, Father, Brothers, Sisters submerging into their own miserable lives morphing in front of my eyes into strange alien creatures

Crowds of people throwing their hands up falling to the ground confused

With power hungry alien masters in men suits standing over them holding gavels judging them

That noisy machine growls on grinding up everyone’s faded dreams like confetti blowing in the wind

Descending deeper and deeper

Surviving in that tangled mess


Dropping off


And, no one will even notice anyone when they’re missing…


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