Darkly Winged

sage, poetry, prose, poems, steven humphreys

Something darkly winged flies my way

Whooshing right over my head like a dive bomber

Flying in a circle above Finkelstein’s roof

Crying its song as well as we speak

Fanning wings echoing in its flight

Fades into the setting sun, wings flapping down and up

Moonlit night soaring chimney height

Embracing twilight throughout the Valley, slowly fluttering

On this one magic night wrapped in a cool gentle breeze

Soon, lands tall on my grateful tree house window

Surrounding me inside his winged cloak, he confides in me

Looking straight through me tilting his head my way

Looking me right in the eyes clear down to my soul

Cutting me down to his size, humbling me speaking beautiful babble and caw wisdom I will never understand

But, what wouldn’t I give to glide through sheets of darker air at will like he?

I would give it all up, and even more than that if I had it to give

To only soar like a shadow by the moon with a bird’s eye view of it all

Now, in the next moment, I began longing to feel my old life leaving

The old self dying, gladly exchanging my life essence for his at the time of his choosing

Transforming; becoming him, growing into his likeness

I anticipate sprouting feathers like he, to think like him, to dream bird dreams, to sail above it all so free and become a magnificent black Crow

Yes! He is now Landing before me perched firmly on my window sill

Let his song play out, let him get away with murder if he wishes, allow him to pillage and plunder us

Let us gleefully exchange bodies; yours for mine and mine for yours

Yes! Yes! A thousand times, yes! I gratefully accept my lot in life and will gladly pay my dues; for he is that one who I righteously wish to become!

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