Eyes Clear

sage, poetry, prose, poems, steven humphreys

eyes clear

running around the playground

See them swing

See them teeter totter

See them on the merry go round

Hear them laugh and giggle

There are not many of them left

They are growing old before their time

The laughter and the giggling is silent like the nightds

The child went away

Blinded by the black smoke

No one knows where they went

The child is gone

They went somewhere hidden

Never to return

When they opened their eyes for the first time

They cried at what they saw

It was a Lonely City

Full of lost and lonely orphaned children


Just looking

The sand will blow in their eyes

The hour glass is ticking

Life will teach them hard lessons

They too will think they can change the world

I thought I could once

But, I changed nothing

People don’t change

They get old

They die

A selfish heart never changes

Revenge is always bitter sweet

The soft is very sweet

But, there’s so little of the sweet, isn’t there my friend

Children will grow into desperate seekers of happiness

When they grow old they will toil hard to find it

It will never come

The harder they look the faster it flees from their grasp

They will wreath in their beds at night, alone

Sweat will drench their pillows

They will cry themselves to sleep yearning

For, they will long for their lovers in vain

And, they will not find them

Their lives will become an unfulfilled dream

They will look back when old

And, be sorry they settled for their lot in life

Realizing their youth was not spent well at all

Drowned in Vanity

Chasing a rainbow

That wasn’t there

Listening to the Lies of the World

Dawning on them that they were Tricked

By a Grand Illusion

Fabricated by those who wanted your hard earned money out of your pockets

Telling you how you should look and how you should be

They will yearn for the past to return

To be given a chance to start over again

Too late old man and old woman

You had but one chance to do it right

Now, you can only tell the young they must enjoy their lives at all costs

That these years are their best

But, did you believe that when you were young

They will look and look and look

They will look and drink

They will drown themselves in drink


They will always wake with an aching head

Every single hangover day

They will buy more and more things

And, those things will grow old like they have

They will fall to pieces into dust thrown away in the trash can

They will look and eat

They will gorge themselves

And grow huge smacking and licking their lips

They will take their happy pills

But, they won’t bring happiness

You turn your back on how you really feel

They will look and smoke

They will drift off in that haze


And, come back the next day to the same old mess they made

TRAPPED in their tarnished skins

This body of a prison

Old obscure eyes

Never found it

Young eyes think they have

Seeing is believing they say

Like a pie thrown in their faces

Ignoring a pie was thrown

In that denial

Nothing more

Been through it before

What’s the use

The world is doomed

Clear minds

No minds

Open minds

Crazy minds

Unthinking minds

No opinions

Just looking

Untainted eyes

No opinion eyes

Learned eyes

Wise eyes

Child’s eyes

Clear eyes

Going home again

Being born again

See the clear eyes running around the playground

See them swing

See them teeter totter

See them on the merry go round

There are not many of them left with eyes clear

They are growing old before their time


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