Hell Bent

sage, poetry, prose, poems, steven humphreys

Hell bent and nothing left to lose

Pulled the long worn tarp off the fifty nine Cad in that dusty old one car garage

Squeezed into that crusty leather jacket

Started up old Black Bessie with decrepit battery cables

Driving nineteen sixty three Cadillac Hearse down my shady road full of dark houses

Hell bent sweaty hands grimy wheel rolling down blood moon road

Enter Highway 666 ninety miles an hour and climbing

Gusts of wind

Old greasy hair

Echoing words sweet bobby sock girl

Her memory sleeps in an empty casket rolling back and forth banging against the back door hitting the back of the seat rattling my brain

Driving and driving in the darkness of night through points unknown

There she stands under every burned out street lamp

Twinkling stars shine through the front window crack splattering night glitter in my eyes

The whiskey bottle tilts spinning my head dizzy near puking on the dashboard

Cross eyed, seeing double lines straining eyes glassy

Hell bent cigarette number ten lights up puffing out burning hot

Through the smudged rear view mirror

Rises she like a puff of Genie smoke looking over my shoulder

Johnny! Johnny! Johnny! she cries like a beautiful banshee

As billboards pass us by like shuffled fifty two pick up poker cards

I see her looking down at me above on the overpass

She laughs as the old fool drives under the bridge

Caddy smokes by at one hundred like it did in the good old school days

Glowing cigarette tossed out bounces exploding sparks on the freeway like a red flashing comet in the sky

I’m Hell bent on Vegas

Dead sure I’ll get there

Driving and driving and driving my head off

An hour nearer ticking and ticking

Foot heavy on the pedal

Needle creeping higher

Engine redline roars like a lion

Hundred and ten and rising

Ancient tear drops fill the car

Radio bleeds static scratch ripping and tearing at my heart

Playing long forgotten music no one but me remembers

It’s that feel sorry for me broken heart woman done someone wrong song

The DJ has the needle on a broken record

The only song playing tonight over and over driving me insane

Maximum speed

Ready to blow!

Red lights chasing blazing sirens screaming guns drawn shooting tires ricocheting cracking rear window pane bullets hitting coffin

Midnight’s here


Cigarette number twenty smoldering, tilting last drip empty bottle thrown out the window smashing under all those cop tires

One hundred twenty five miles per hour


Somersaulting fifty feet in air

Telephone pole crashing window glass all over my bleeding face

Caddy bent in half flipping end over end

Flames under hood sizzling hot rising taller and taller

Dangling hanging fuzzy dice melting

Hula Girl’s skirt flaming red

Seat belt stuck

Trapped alive

Screaming loud

No man hears the horrible agony

The deaf Woman stands outside

Dark haired boy

Tight blue girlie jeans

Hell bent love burns eternal

Hand in hand

Never ending bond of love

Forever clasped like glue

Two score Ghosts emerge

Sleep longer, sleep well

Lights done gone

Warm and long

Smoking flames

Smashed upside down

Rocking and rocking

Spinning like a fiery bastardly top

Sudden bloodied stop

At last, resting atop new mown graveyard grass in the middle of destitute silence wrapped in 3 AM darkness

It’s a damned sure thing only DEAD gets you over some things…


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