Sweet Addiction

sage, poetry, prose, poems, steven humphreys

Oh, give praise to the glory of that precious

hot black bitter poison

we just have to have in the morning!

Better than gold it is

Gets us up and going

A gift that keeps on giving

That wormy Trojan horse!

That double edged knife!

That two sided coin!

That keeps on robbing our lives and money

as we make a living!

We make it creamy

We make it sweet


To cover up that scorching bitterness?

To put a cloak over what it really does to us and our lives?

It’s the obvious truth we don’t want to see about anything that cuts us

We cover up bitterness wherever we look

We hide

We deny

We turn a blind eye to that which is actually causing our achy pains inside our heads and bodies

To our very souls

we crave the sweetness

that isn’t there

in that cup

It used to cost a nickel

You remember this if you are old enough

But, our addictions make us keep it in the budget, don’t they?

Funny how stress goes

We never felt as stressed as now

in our throes

Things were always better back in the days, my friend

Remember those days?

things did bend

not like now

They weren’t so long ago…

close to the end

Don’t you ever want to just fly away to the past and be a child again?

To go back and reclaim your lost innocence?

Do we ever question how we feel?

If and when we do, would it do us any good?

Should we even try?

Or, do we just keep drinking and drinking that sweet addiction that pumps us up?

That keeps us going strong

That keeps us restless in the dark hours of the night because all we need is one more cup

That lets us down in the middle of the day

So we crave another sip of that hot black poison

Sweet bitter life!

Sweet Bitter juice!

Gulp it down

Question not

Keep our heads to the grindstone

Produce more widgets for less and less hourly pay

So, give me more heat

Flowing down like a warming waterfall into that endless pit

Oh God, quickly give me more to fill my emptiness!

Make me better, oh Godly nectar!

Make me faster

Tape my eyelids open from drooping down so low

Keep me running on that treadmill of life like a rat in a cage

No one cares how I feel except ME

Cold cruel corporate world!

Keep me true to the rat race and kissing up to those I don’t really like!

No, never true to me as I look into that mirror in the morning and see a face so tired of being pushed around he forgets he is bullied by everything and everyone

 Never question how you feel

It will only bring you down

Just drink

Keep drinking

Add a little more cream and sugar to whatever you decide to do

Wherever you are, make life taste better

Make bitterness taste even sweeter still

We keep taking that bitter pill

We keep drinking that drink

Keep smoking that smoke

It’s so easy to keep doing…

Ah, but just go ahead and try to make it all stop…

The world goes on without us no matter how we think no matter what we do with ourselves

Oh yes, you didn’t realize we were all in the same boat

A mass of faceless victims…

Listening to soundless voices

The ones who are insidiously making us hang ourselves

Slowly extending the rope to us

“Here my friend, take it,” it says so stealthily and sweet

We are the ones who slip that noose over our own heads and around our own necks…

Instead, I say to myself

“Oh, screw it!”

You dwell on things way too deeply!

Don’t think

What harm could one more do?

Fit in!

Take the sweet with the sour

Man up!

Woman up!

Child up!

Follow in everyone’s footsteps except your own and take a walk on their trodden path

Fill my endless cup up once more to the brim so it spills on my lap burning my privates

Pour me just one more so I have to run down the hall to the restroom in five minutes

And, I’ll be OK once more…

Until, I need another caffeine fix…

Wait, I hear a muffled lost voice

It speaks to me!

But, is it my own voice or something else?

I have to listen hard because I can hardly hear it

“Drink up my dearest friend,” it says

But, it’s what it doesn’t say that bothers me

It will never say

Drink up fool…

Drink up you dumb ass!

Suck it down, sucker!

No, that would make us mad…

It’s smarter than that

It’s smarter than we are

Anyway, we would only drink that much more to get even

We don’t want to be mad as hell

Not anymore

It’s easier to give in to it

Keep our heads down

Do what we have to do

Keep on keeping on

And, accept it simply for what it is…












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