Something Unexpected

sage, poetry, prose, poems, steven humphreys

Something Unexpected comes your way

Yes, it happens to me all the time

And, what is that you ask?

I might tell you

I really haven’t come up with much in about six decades, maybe longer, my friend

Lord knows, I’ve tried my best to figure my existence out

How about you, have you ever wondered?

Where was I?

I missed the boat, fella

I must have been Sleeping like you were

Yes, life passed you by too

Wait to sleep when you are dead

Well, I asked God a question and I just get more and more questions

Have you ever Wondered what the answers were

Your head might start spinning like mine tryin’ to figure it all out

Are we meant to Wonder

I can’t say

Do you really really think so

Go ahead and try to wonder

See what happens

Well, it doesn’t seem to make us very happy doing so

It didn’t make me happy

It doesn’t seem to be making the World a better place to live in

Others Wonder and have nothin’ to show for all that wondering

Sure, inventors wonder

There are new things made

They make a new machine

But, they get old and start to rust away back to the dirt

They make a vaccine

New diseases pop up

They make a new food

It makes us ill

No one else will, so

I’ll put forth the challenge

Have you ever Wondered

We humans don’t really know anything

But, If you think we’re so smart, then

Prove it

Where does the Universe End and Where did it begin

You can tell me your theories and dazzle me with your Math, MAN

Einstein took it farther

But, how big is the biggest

And, we looked under the Microscope

How small is the smallest

How low can you go

Now, Do the Limbo

No matter what you say

You are not telling me anything I don’t already know

And, Who made it the way it is, and where do they live

What’s God’s address, anyway

Have you ever wondered How do our minds work

Have you ever Wondered even a little bit

I mean, We cannot see how they work, can we

Are you getting drained yet

Have you ever Wondered why you got drained

Is our mind housed within our heads?

You don’t say

If it is, Boy, it must be dark in there!

We do live in darkness and come from darkness, don’t we

No, well…

It’s dark under that skull that houses that brain of ours

We can’t prove the mind’s in the brain, can we

Not yet

Maybe, it’s in our Big Toe

It could be anywhere as far as we know

So, Is what you see real

Have you ever Wondered what is real and not

We sure think it is, but is it really

I mean, is what we see with our eyes real

I guess it’s real enough

We’ll just have to settle for it, right

No matter the evidence, people see and believe what they want

That’s human nature

That’s how we keep sane

Or, at least we think we have all our marbles together

Do you

Are we ignorant

Is ignorance actually bliss

I’m not so sure of that

Unless of course, I am not happy because I’m not ignorant

Could be true

But, I’m not that smart

And, I’m not that dumb

Somewhere in the middle

The middle of what

In the middle of wondering what’s so and not

I mean there’s lots of people smarter than me

But, what does that give them

Longer life

A happier life

More Money

More things around the house

All the above

I call that BIG DEAL!

You can’t take it with you when you die, fella, the saying goes

Not worth my time to become a great man

So what if I impress others

Are they goanna look up to me

I doubt it

Am I goanna look up to them

I doubt it even more

Now, maybe if I learned to be a loving man

I wonder if that’s the key to my happiness

Maybe, it’s the key to your happiness if I love you

That could be the straight path to walk

Is it a worthy one

Maybe, I’ll try it and see

But, don’t piss me off, or I won’t do it

I might forget and not do it anyway

What’s in it for me

What is the difference between the Real and the Unreal

Probably not much, if anything at all

Maybe, the real and not are the same

Ever think of that

And, if the two are different from each other, how do you prove what is out there is real

On the other hand, how do you prove what’s inside you is real

The YOU inside is somewhere

Maybe, the inside is outside and nowhere at the same time

Have you ever Wondered what the heck is going on

Have you ever wondered what’s the point of it all

Well, as far as I can see, there is no point

You can make a point of it

But, who cares what you do

As long as you don’t try to come after me and kill me, do as you please

What do I care

As long as you don’t affect me in a bad way

You can’t seem to put a finger on where that is

I mean, where the real you resides

Come out, come out wherever you are!

It can’t be coerced

It can’t be tricked

But, it’s somewhere

OK, come out of hiding

It’s safe

We won’t kill you if you come out

I think I see it

No, that was just a shadow of a man I saw

Where is the real you

Don’t be chicken

Cluck, Cluck, Cluck

Not to be found no matter where you look

Just what I thought

It’s kind of like trying to figure out exactly where God lives

You can’t

We’re not that smart

We’re not ready for those kinds of secrets

If we knew, someone would abuse that knowledge

And, he’d likely make a BOMB out of it

And, drop it on Mankind

Yes, he would

You know he would

You want to see what’s smart

Look to the wind

Look to the Bunny Rabbit

Surely, don’t look at TV

Don’t open a frozen dinner

Smart isn’t inside that!

It’s not under your covers

See the Squirrel climb up a tree and look down and laugh at you driving around in circles in your stupid cars

Oh, get an electric one to be smarter

Are you kidding me

Don’t believe the Media

They’ll brainwash us repeating the same old stuff over and over like a Mantra

We’re so gullible

Like there’s an energy shortage

Look up in the air at the Sun

Did you say there was an energy shortage


Big Business says there is an energy shortage so we can start conserving and using less

What’s our reward

They charge us more and give us less

It’s contrived

The Sun rises and sets every single day, doesn’t it

Does the world all go away when we close our eyes

Does the forest go away because we aren’t looking

I think there’s things still there when we’re gone from this planet

Why do we think we’re so damned important and irreplaceable!

We have huge egos, don’t we

We can be replaced

And, the world would go on

Do you think Nature would be happier and healthier without us humans


Do we destroy more than we create


There it is again, that word

Another sentence Made into a Question

Why do we die and Where do we go

That’s about the best question, isn’t it

It’s not a question, it’s a mystery

Who do you ask that question to

We’re not meant to know that answer

It’s like the machine understanding itself

You know your own PC sure doesn’t know how to fix itself

So, computers were going to save us all

Keep waiting


He’s not talking, is he

Is God a She

Could very well be

God doesn’t have a darned thing to do with Gender

Even, I know that as dumb as I am

But, Women seem to rule, don’t they

What’s the point of all this without them

Just ask her, she’ll tell you who rules

If she says it’s you, I wouldn’t believe it

You would be gullible

What’s the purpose of all this madness

How would we think if we didn’t have words in our heads that label things

What would life be without Rock and Roll

Words and Music can carry you away to distant places

But, If you haven’t noticed buddy, Rock and Roll is Dead

No, it didn’t live forever, sorry

You fooled no one but yourself

Are our thoughts based solely upon words and images

Is Love a feeling

I wonder who has the capability to Love

Have you ever wondered about that

I don’t think I have met that person yet

Have you been loved lately, if ever

Have we learned to Love

I guess, if you knew what Love actually was

Of course, loving without being loved back sucks

Doesn’t it fella

Is loving giving without receiving

All we need is love

But, all we get is…

Seems kind of lonely to me

Does God Love

Another worthy question, don’t you think

Is God kind

Does he care

How would we even know

How would we know before there were words

Were we closer to God then

Did we Hallucinate and see God himself

Where do you get Love Lessons

From Life

Life teaches those willing to learn its lessons

Are you willing

What’s in it for you

What’s the pay back for all the effort

If you continue being a fighter instead of a lover, you’re coming back again to live another life, my man

Until we get it

Repeat, then repeat again

Kind of like going to prison

You mess up, break the rules, and you go back to the big house

That’s what some say, anyway

I say, Prove that

It’s another Question, isn’t it

Some think Love is Romance


Romance fizzles out and people leave you for someone else

But, what is Real Love

Isn’t it a love that lasts

Is it caring for someone else

Is it being there for them for better or worse

Is Love a feeling at all

Have you ever wondered

Sounds like Wedding Vows to me

Do you know

I think many in the world think they know what love is

But, they’d probably end up killing me arguing about it to prove a point

I’m not Jesus, but remember what happened to him

He tried to love, didn’t he

And, what did he get for it

They think they know what love is

You know, the ones who preach to you

They knock on your door and you say you’re not interested

When you don’t join or give them money does God Bless you really mean, SCREW YOU

Where’s the Love, there

Isn’t Loving living it

Living by example

No one does that

Who does it

They just talk about it

And, would they do what they’d learned about love if someone taught them how

No, they wouldn’t

Then, who does know how to love

Have you ever wondered

I think you know

It’s the one who made all this, isn’t it

Did you ever pray to God that he would make you the kind of Man or Woman he wanted you to be

I did that once, and man, my life got hard

Man, did I suffer

Man, did I regret it

I couldn’t do it

I was over my head

I thought he would make me a certain way like Magic

God helps those who help themselves

POOF! I would be a real man

Didn’t happen

I mean, I didn’t become the kind of man God would approve of

Well, he didn’t put that into words exactly

But, he probably said when I wasn’t listening to him

Is this what you really want

I said I was sorry for asking

I forgot I had to make myself into my own man

God, I failed that test miserably

I wasn’t cut out to be that

It was too hard

I am so fallible

I have made every mistake imaginable

You just don’t be a man, you become one

But, it takes a lifetime

You are always in the becoming part

Some think they are men because they are big and tough and could beat you to a pulp

I guess that’s some men

Yeah, they’re men

Mean cold hearted men

There’s always someone tougher than you are

Don’t forget that

Everyone can be beaten by someone tougher

There’s way too many wanting to be that way

Have you ever Wondered if

Karma will teach them it’s not the way to be

Maybe, it would take more than that

Maybe, it would take coming back a thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand times

Born again, as another angry baby

There’s always someone smarter

But, so many just get old and then die

Making the world a worse place to live in

Because they took

They didn’t give

They were too worried the other guy was goanna steal something before they got to it

They were right

You’ve got to get while the getting is good

Don’t you

We were all born into this, weren’t we

That’s what Bukowski said

We didn’t have anything to say about it

We were cast here

Do you remember someone asking you if you wanted to be born

I know I don’t recall giving my permission to be born into this mess

So, How many types of Love are there

Only one

Is it two types

Is it three, four, five

Well, tell me

Have you ever Wondered

Questions never lead to anything but another question

Yet, Question is only a word

So, is Answer

We’ve found the answer, haven’t we

Oh, maybe we think we did

But, did we

I don’t think so fella

Because, the Answer is filled with empty words and promises

That’s what happens when you use words and mathematics

You get theories and practical applications

Has the world gotten any better, fella

Or, is it worse

Some things got better, others worse

All in all, what’s the verdict

Have you ever Wondered

Is the shadow cast more real than we are

Is our mind more real than our bodies

So, then there are feelings we were given

Hate, Anger, Fear, Rage, Love, etc

Are we using them right.

We can see, touch, hear, and feel

How else would we know we were here

We wouldn’t

We’d be in the dark

We’d be in a state of Nothing wouldn’t we

You can actually think too much

And, come back to square one

I went in a big circle didn’t I

You saw me do it right here clear down to the bottom of the page

Because no question you wondered about got answered

All this has been discussed hundreds and thousands of years before by smarter men than me

Philosophy could only go so far

It didn’t give us what we needed

Just like Rock and Roll

Philosophy is Dead


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