In a Frame

in a frame, poem, poetry, prose, steven humphreys

In a frame

On a wall

Trees Tall

Blue skies fall

Looking out

Window worn

Playing Kids

Faces small

Clouds are parting

Thunder crackling

children play acting

coming storm

I am here

Inside near

Throwing balls

Reaching high

Autumn leaves

In blue skies

Winds blow strong

season gone

Rain drops fall

On our lawn

Green grass grows

With out sound

Crows fly by

Winter bound

Girls dreaming

Dolls and toys

Boys making

lots of noise

Lightning flashing

somewhere far

Driving home

Many cars

Honking horns

Running feet

Smell the pie

From the street

There’s a place

Grandma knows

Frosting flows

When it snows

Mantle Glowing

Popping logs

Golden heat

Freshly baked

Sugar treat

Kick off shoes

Warm the feet

Late night silence

Grey Cat purrs

Darkness soothing

Preening fur

Rising sun

Play ground warm

Morning fun

Children run

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