My Dog Bubba

Standing by the pool like I do every day at around three o’clock

I throw the yellow tennis ball up in the air so my dog Bubba catches it in his mouth

It sure seems to me he has a tiny clock in his head that goes off and seeks me out every day at the exact time to play with him

If I’m napping, he licks my face until I get up

That’s how he is with whatever he wants

I have to remember he can’t talk

I would probably communicate the same way if I couldn’t talk

Dogs are smarter than you think

Most animals are

They have their own wisdom

They can teach you and remind you about simple truths about life

But, these days it’s slightly different than it was before

He is getting old

And, I am attached to him and love that dog more than I ever did

He misses the ball because he can’t see as good

It bounces out of his mouth, sometimes off his nose, sometimes he misses it altogether

The ball usually plops into the pool and I have to fish it out

He used to run, but now he stumbles in the grass

It saddens me so, that he isn’t like he used to be, so I don’t throw the ball far anymore because I don’t want him to hurt himself

I am not how I used to be, either

I have to look out for him to protect him

So, I just throw the ball up in the air about ten feet high so he can catch it

I toss it up about ten to fifteen

How much I do it depends upon how tired he seems

We run around the pool together

I tell him “Let’s go run”

He knows what that means

And, he takes off ahead of me, but only for the first lap

He  has a ball in his mouth as he struts proudly

In his mind, I know He thinks he’s chasing a ball like he used to, while he carries it tightly in his teeth

It’s good he doesn’t seem to know the difference

He gains on me easily as I run, and I let him pass when he wants by waving him on

He looks so proud with that ball in his mouth

I am proud of him

I run around the pool about seven or eight times

It makes him happy

It makes me happy to see him happy

I do it for me

I do it for him

We are growing older together

I have to wear reading glasses, now

I remember about fifteen years ago my wife picked him up from a pet store as a surprise

I asked her why she chose him

She told me he was the last dog left

It was his eyes that sold her

They looked so sad

But, that day was one of the happiest days of my life

When she handed him to me, I saw that he had happy eyes

The first thing he did was lick my nose when she brought him home

It was love at first sight

Me and him have never been apart since

I put him outside and he went potty right away on the grass in the back yard

He’s always been such a good boy about everything

He’s never made too many mistakes about anything at all

Unlike, me who’s messed up a lot in life

I think I’ve made just about every stupid mistake any man can ever make

Yet, Bubba has filled my life with joy, year in year out

He stays with me all day long

He sleeps with me all night

That’s something I can depend upon

A breeze blows through my backyard this time every day

It happens like clockwork around four o’clock

The wind around here is predictable

It’s always a steady breeze

You can depend on it repeating itself every single day of the year, always at this same time

Today, I look up and birds fly over my roof

Moments later a crow flies by

A few seconds after, another straggling crow flies by squawking

Birds do this all day at different times

They fly free going wherever they want

No one bothers them or tells them what to do

How nice that must be

I look out to the front and see a tree’s leaves move and ruffle about because of the breeze blowing through its branches

It does this every day at the same time

The tree is next to the street light which comes on later when the sun goes down

It brightens the spot where I park the cars

Some things in life that happen are simple

There is a comfort there

Knowing that some things in life

Will repeat

Then, repeat again

Funny, how the simplest things can make you happy

Like knowing things will repeat

Like knowing someone is there for you

Like knowing you’re gonna wake up tomorrow and see the sun again, and feel the breeze again, and throw the ball up in the air for your dog, once more



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