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True Story

Dreaming up a true story of whiskey beer and Saturday Nights of a wanna be Marlboro man's glory who acted and looked the part with his get up of hat, boots, and shiny silver belt buckle he couldn't have acted the part any better than a pro pounding down Bud Jack and Coke and Weiner schnitzel… Continue reading True Story

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Life Disrupted

when a plan falls together glue the living hell out of it take it to the sea shore watch the seagulls drop their bombs on others wait until their faces turn red and laugh at the mess they're in sit on the dock of the bay and see the grass grow tall in fairest weather especially when the thick fog… Continue reading Life Disrupted

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Spiritual and beyond

Exerpt from Meet Duff

"Is this how it all ends? You gaze at yourself and don’t know it’s you anymore? Then, you read your Horoscope and pencil in cross word puzzles? What’s next, Bingo! Solitaire! Chess! Hum… now that might be some fun. I’ll have to give them a whirl!" ~ Morty Finkelstein the convenience store owner. Meet Duff Chapter 1… Continue reading Exerpt from Meet Duff

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That One Night

In school I read Poe I read Thoreau I read Hemingway in the library I even brought them home with me and kept cracking them open and, I wondered, why couldn't I be like them? that One night when I was young I got inspiration It came to me in a swift spirit filling my body carrying… Continue reading That One Night

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Inner Monkey

Primal fright walks upright rings Pavlov's bell better than hell Pray that inner monkey gets drunk 'cause screaming ape's goanna bite beneath all that hair from whence he cared came missing link the thinking man who reads aphorisms like “if it ain't broke, don't fix it” propped up in bed drinking fine burgundy wine

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Remember the Day

I woke up in a world that wasn't mine in a cup of black I stretched rubbed my eyes looking around at my city I no longer recognized and my soul turned to rubber 'I wanna hold your hand' played on the radio I faded away and, fell in a field and you will, too once… Continue reading Remember the Day

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In a Hurry

In a hurry might as well do it busy watching clocks slowly ticking working fast In a flurry counting widgets cranking digits not to worry nothing matters where we go no one follows no one knows you're not gone never somewhere always nowhere all the same There's no point to it all never tell us why you do it… Continue reading In a Hurry

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Subtle Hymn

Lightening strikes a subtle hymn until we hum we left that room electric charge hovering over barge and tunnel biting us like ants heavy on our shoulders crawling skin begetting thin snapping crackling whipping loudly your hymn of quietness tipping you over your edge into your cup of swallowed green tea with a feather brush you strike out… Continue reading Subtle Hymn