Bitter Sweet Revenge

break into your happy dance, steven humphreys, poems, poetry, prose

How does it feel to have your heart broken?

Sucks, right?

Sure it does

Feeling like a Clown because of it, lately?

Believe me when I say, we are not both clowns in a circus

We are not the fools

Even though we’ve admitted it to ourselves through our many bitter tears

So, Who was it?

It will be between me and you, then I will tell you my sad story

I mean, who was the one who ripped you off?

The one who hurt you so deeply you’ll never be the same again

Who’s the one who didn’t care about you and how you felt or how you ended up, leaving you penniless, homeless, without confidence, devastated, whatever?

It was probably a…

Relative or



Let me tell you

Revenge is bitter sweet

Revenge is so dark it eats you up from the inside out

But love, yes love is a different thing

It forgives, maybe not them

It doesn’t forget

Yet, it isn’t a good idea to keep hanging around those who keep doing you in

Better to Pick your friends very carefully

In time, You learn how to spot a user

And, they spot you, as the one who sees right through them

They walk away like the plague

Or, run Like the chicken shit cowards they actually are

You have to become more selective for your own good

Although, hurt can make you grow

And, become a better person

We don’t need to look for it, it will come for us, instead

But, at what price to your soul?

All that the assholes that hurt you do is eventually grow old and die and leave you with that feeling that never leaves

That messed up memory of what things they said and did to you unfeelingly

You get to keep all the pain in your heart

Isn’t that nice of them?

You gave the gift of you to them, and what did they give you in return?

They took

They gave you A knife in your back

Lucky you

You become an empty shell

A burnt out cinder

And, woe to the next poor son of a bitch you take it out on because of those shit heads who ripped your heart out

They don’t give a ‘you know what’ about how you feel

They are the users and users don’t use users

They can’t use each other because they won’t let them

They use their next victim

They need people like YOU and ME to take advantage of

But, we’re not goanna let them do that anymore, aren’t we?

After they squeezed every drop of life out of you, they crumple you up and throw you in the trash like you’re a piece of garbage

But, you are not trash

It’s they who are rotten to the core like an apple

So, what do you do about it?

Well, I’ll tell you what I just did the other day before I wrote this

I bought ten red foam clown noses online on eBay

They’re coming straight from China

I’m goanna put one on and look in the mirror

Seriously, I did do this

They are coming soon on the boat

I will post a photo to prove it

Instead, I have a temporary clown

This is Just between you and me

You ask…

Am I bitter?

You bet

It burns inside

All those crappy memories

But, I do admit, some are fading away

It comes with age

But, I’ve learned not to take it out on those who love me

That’s what we all need to learn

Don’t hurt the one you love, who loves you back

I hope I don’t get Cancer from all my pain

I don’t think I will

I eat too healthily

And, I love doing this

I’m a really nice guy with a dark side that’s harmless

Don’t do what you’re thinking, it will only get you in trouble

And, you will only live to regret your actions

But, it’s legal to hope they walk off a short pier or fall off a long cliff

Yes, It’s legal to think it

Can’t put us in jail or sue us for that, at least, not yet

So, I write poetry instead of murdering someone and going to jail for life or getting the electric chair or lethal injection

The prospect of that scares the HELL out of me

Death does, in all its forms

But, in the meantime, while you were waiting your long wait on death row…

You know what all those inmates would do to you, don’t you?

You wouldn’t be left alone for a second without someone F_____G with you trying to rip you off in some insidious way or push you around, intimidate, and hurt your body and turn you into their bitch

I would rather be an honest citizen who doesn’t act out their hatred

You be that, too, OK?

Of course, I live with a broken heart ripped out by nearly everyone I have ever trusted be it family or otherwise

In time, I sewed it back in again

I’m not a criminal, because I don’t act out what I think

But, be careful how much you think certain things, because they just might MATERIALIZE in ways you won’t like

I have a good heart and mean well


Nice guys come in L___?

Anyway, where were we?

So, what have we bitter people become?

Do we become Murderers?

Do we hurt nice people, because that’s the only people we can hurt?

We can’t hurt all the bastards and bitches in life, can we?

They laugh at that, they feed on it, they give a thankful evil gaze to us in return because we have the gall to think we could actually hurt their empty soulless hearts

It would only serve to empower them

Don’t give it to them

We lose on that one

We the good lose when we become vengeful

How do we get back at them?

I don’t know that we ever can

I have never been able to strike back

Is revenge God’s?

I certainly hope so

Because I know things could get done, then

He could kick some ass

He could cut them down like they all deserve

He could fix it if he wanted to and turn all the right screws

But, why doesn’t he do it all the time, if ever?

After all, it was He who created all this stuff

We call life

But, in the meantime…

Where do you relocate to get away from all those bastards?


Oh yes, I watched Portlandia

Cool show

My step daughter moved there with her boyfriend for a while then moved back to a better job, here


Go figure


She really loved it there

Weird how she had to move away to find a better job back here in the rat race, again


I think that’s where I belong

Up there

I mean, Portland

Or, Someplace like that

Where you can taste a lot of beer samples, wine samples, and look at a lot of Art and go to Farmer’s Markets and pick out your organic veggies and fruit

By the way, I love B Movies and TV reruns

I like all the Corny shows on Netflix

Portlandia, especially

But, if you

Seek and act out revenge, you just might end up in jail

For example, Just Go and try to Slander those who’ve done you wrong

They sue you

They get some hot shot lawyer that twists and turns all the words so you look guilty, not them

You end up filing bankruptcy because you have to pay them and their lawyers all your hard earned money to fulfill a judgement against you

You get screwed twice

We don’t want that

Once is enough

You gave them enough of your money and time already

Make sure they don’t get any more of it

They didn’t deserve you

We know that now

But, You can’t see the damage done to your heart and soul

It’s as real as slander and cutting your body with a knife

It’s called cruel and unusual punishment

Don’t you want to read in the paper they burned up in their car on the side of the road?

How about they start their car and it blows up?

That’s really COOL

I don’t know if I can even say this in this day and age

Not even in a poem

I don’t know how much freedom of speech we have left

But, these thoughts might just come in your head

I wouldn’t tell anyone

They might think you’re a closet PSYCHO

Thinking and doing is a lot different from each other

Obviously, there are those who don’t know the difference

Thank GOD YOU and I do

We see all them looking out with clenched hands through the cold steel bars

If you’re lucky, somebody else will lose all their marbles and kill them for you, then they will do the time, not you


Don’t count on it

You wouldn’t get the satisfaction of hearing about it anyway

So, after these bad people screw you over

They just find another innocent VICTIM

That’s all they do

There’s plenty of good people like you and I to go around for them to take advantage of and use in their all too long lifespans

They are here a long time making the world a worse place for the rest of us

It’s what they do best

La di da di da they go without a care in the world, onto the next sucker

I’m sure, in their minds, they feel justified or they think very little about those things they do that hurt others

They just want what they want and think only of themselves

Smothered in their own Narcissism

And, you are a forgotten memory



All Die!

You know, they are not like you and I

They have no feelings for anyone but themselves

They have no CONSCIENCE

Yes, they are the evil ones who point the finger at you and blame you and say it’s you who’s evil

Evil always does that

And, they are so sinister with their words, we get confused and believe them, because we were the ones who loved, not they

I divorced one like that and all she did was run off with the next door neighbor

So, Don’t believe their lies

After all, who got screwed over?


No, it was you

It’s always us because we give, they take

I’ll tell you something

These kinds don’t do something

They don’t read or write poetry, that’s for sure

They look down at it and laugh at it

We are the givers

We are the writers

What fuels us to write?

Love and hurt

Revenge is so bitter sweet

What do we do?

What have we become?

We, my friend, have become

Writers, Poets, and Philosophers, instead of

Bastards, Bitches, Common Criminals and Murderers

Because, even if you could get your justice which you truly do deserve to get

It wouldn’t heal your broken heart

It wouldn’t heal your sadness

If you read our poetry

You’ll find it Between the words

It’s not that we should thank those bastards for making us the way we are so that we are inclined to write and read poems

It’s that all they deserve is for us to give them the FINGER

Because, We don’t owe them a goddamned thing except for that

And, you nor I are one of them because we are right here

They would never be



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