Beautiful World

We’re capable of creating a beautiful world inside us

Even though it seems like everything is ‘so out there’

If you want a better life experience

We can create that almost in the wink of an eye

And, you can begin to train yourself to see things differently

Monitor your own thoughts

And, don’t allow them to take you away

Watch TV news sparingly

If we focus on the trees

On the grass

On the birds

And, turn away from the negative

It will dissolve what’s bothering you bit by bit

And, it will happen Eventually

Have patience

Be kind to you first

Nature makes us feel better almost right away

When we focus on it

But, outside happens inside us

Because, everything is our own interpretation

For example, Eyesight is a collection of digital signals

We do create the world we see outside us

Our intent drives our reality

Do we intend on being kind today?

So, Intend on having a beautiful day

Why not?

It’s the best option I can think of

Handle what comes your way

Interact with others

Be interested in them and how they feel and think

Be a caring person

Don’t judge others

I know it’s hard not to

The state the world is in and all that

But, it doesn’t help things to be harsh

No one changes for us

They have to do it for themselves

No one has to be the way we are

Live and let live

But, bring no harm to any living thing

Change how you look at things and your world will change for the better

Life is hard enough

But, when you feel good about you

You feel better about most everything in general

Become easier on you

And, you will be kinder to every other living thing in this world

The problem in the world today is that all too many of us expect others to share our values and morals

Why would everyone being the same make the world a better place?

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