Little Green Worm

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I don’t think I told you

But, I love all the Clint Eastwood movies like ‘Coogan’s Bluff”

Anyway, there’s this girl in the movie

A kind of crazy empty headed hippie character who said she had a ‘little green worm’ in her head

Well, I have a garden on the side of my garage next to the three trash cans

There’s a green, blue, and black plastic can

Each for a different purpose

One for green yard stuff, one for recyclables, and the other for regular trash

I grow Tomatoes, different Lettuce, Kale, Squash, a couple types of Peppers, and Arugula, each in their own particular season

Anyway, there’s these ‘little green worms’ that eat up my Kale and some of the other garden veggies

I never did want to kill them

I just let them alone to eat what they wanted

They don’t eat too much

I did spray non toxic soapy water on the garden to help repel them

That seems to keep them down I think without actually harming them

They don’t like the taste of dish soap, I suppose

I mean, I don’t, why would they?

I see all the holes in the Kale

Kind of looks like Swiss Cheese

But, I really don’t care

There’s enough fresh uneaten leaves, anyway for me to pluck off for a salad

Furthermore, I never eat it all anyway

It would go to waste

I don’t mind sharing extra with my little green friends

Anyway, I put coffee grounds and egg shells around the base to keep the snails at bay

I don’t have as much sympathy for those guys

But, I don’t believe in killing them, either

Anyway, I can’t remember where this little green worm was at the time

But, I do remember saving one of them from certain death

I might have fished him out of the bottom of the Jacuzzi or pool with the pool net

I don’t exactly remember where I got him from, but I remember I saved one

But, when it rains

The regular long brown kind of worms end up in the pool

Some I can fish out and save

Others, it’s too late for them

I think the Chlorine kills them

I do try to save anyone (except cockroaches and flies) I can unless it’s too late

Anyway, I brought the little green worm back to the garden and placed him gently back on a stalk of Kale

Sometime later…

Maybe, days

Could be a week or so

I saw this beautiful little butterfly flying around about twenty feet in front of me and closing in fast when I went out the side door of my garage

It was a light yellow small butterfly flying happily between the garage and the trash cans and garden

Amazingly, in no time, the little guy flew right at me and landed on my shirt and stayed there

He wouldn’t move

I was touched

It was like he or she trusted me

It was like it knew I was coming and was seeking me out

Then, the thought hit me

Could it be that same little green worm I saved?

It’s possible, I was thinking

A few minutes later, I gently picked him up off my shirt by his two wings and walked over and put him carefully on a Kale stalk

He stayed where I put him

Then, I went on with my business in the yard

Every time I came out to my garden in the Summer, I would see a butterfly fluttering around in that part of the garden

for days, even weeks I would see a butterfly on that particular kale stalk

Was it that same one I saved?

How I love the little green worms, the lizards, the birds like the Blue Jay and Mockingbird who seem to fight for dominance over the bird bath, the hummingbirds in which I keep their glass bottle full of red nutritious liquid hung up high on a hook on my patio, and neighbor’s cats that visit and poop in my garden (I can tell where they dug) and of course, the two Doves on the wall on the other side of the house in back

Of course, these would be all relatively small happenings and occurrences to someone else

But, it’s not a small insignificant happening to me

It is important to me

It has a deeper meaning hidden

It brings me great joy

And, Purpose

to think I’d saved a life

And, that I seem to have the ability now to sense when a small butterfly is showing gratitude, love, and trust

I really do pick those kinds of vibes up


I wouldn’t say that unless it were true

All this may not matter in the scheme of things

Although, I’m sure there’s some asshole somewhere in the world who would have no trouble smashing that beautiful innocent harmless butterfly with his stupid fat foot and think it was funny and laugh his idiotic head off…

But, the little worm matters to me

The Butterfly matters to me

Take a look at my site Icon in your browser

I have grown to have a reverence for all living things no matter how small and insignificant the world sees them to be

I hear their wordless words

I hear them clearly

Because, at this time of my life, I am listening with everything I have


Everything SMALL matters to me





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