Seeing God

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Seeing God

in my lifetime

Tomorrow is

OK with me

think I’m ready

as I’ll ever be

Yet, how would one ever be ready for a mystical experience like that?

There’s no way you could ever prepare yourself

I don’t want to die to do it

I’d rather eat apple pie to prove it

fearing that

I am not

done enough here

to do it


I want to

see his face

not be destroyed by his gaze

want to be like he wants me to be

make me into that kind of man

you’d rather see

But, then he would have to give me qualities I don’t have

That I haven’t earned

I’m not perfect the way I am now

How could I ever be?

No matter how good my heart becomes

In his eyes

No matter how wise


or, Strong

I want him to tell me


Not through man

Nor Book

Or, earthly spoken word

echoed from a brook

I want to see the unseen

Feel what can’t be felt

His Gentle Power

The mystery

The Awe

is my nook

Flying with Angel wings through the ether


Skies all opening around the planet to the heavens

Hearing the soft wordless unspoken word

Of his

Echo throughout the mountains of earth

down into my valley

of congestion

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