Once in a While

Once in a while

I kick off my shoes

walk on the grass



in warm weather

I stand out there

almost in a daze

gazing about my backyard


thinking much about nothing

doing even less

feeling the cool grass growing between my toes

looking at my strong tree with fragrant white petals

fall all over the ground making such a mess

watching them drop to the ground before me

one by one

I look at The plants in pots with pink and red flowers

And, if I am lucky enough

I will hear the buzz of my friend the Hummingbird

bringing with him April’s showers

sounding much like a bumble bee buzzing around my head

trusting me just enough

to take a swift fill with his long beak

from the red sweet liquid

I keep full

just for him

within arms reach

And, then it happens

like a cloud forming in my mind

in an instant

a flash of light

I become whole again

attached to nature

as it should be

I no longer feel alienated

nor diminished

or insignificant

I become a small part of the bigger picture

as important as anything

and any man

such as the clouds floating in the sky

or monk in the Himalayans

I begin to feel ME again

That lost soul called ME

In this body I call ME

ME, In this town of many


am no longer lost in a world of men

that so often does not care

who lives or dies

if I live or die

Then, I pull up a chair and sit in the sun

and turn my head up to it

when warm enough

I turn my back to it

and remain seated until I’m warm enough

like an egg that needs to be turned over

in a sizzling pan

Looking out over my pool

I sometimes watch butterflies hover and flap their wings

a dragonfly dip in the water

to take his drink

a crow fly over

the wind ruffling the neighbor’s palm branches

as its seeds bounce down and plop in my pool

sinking to the bottom

watching my pool sweep

take a pass at it

and suck it up in its bag

I feel connected

being there



at one with

even though my pool is not a lake

or an entire ocean

not even a special place on earth

But, it will do

It is still a body of water

in front of me

which speaks in its own voice

somehow soothing my soul

as it ripples because of the breeze blowing across its surface

When daily life jars me back

I forget all this peace and tranquility

within my own sanctuary

called my backyard

From time to time

I remember

to do this again

To repeat

when it’s warm again

For, life makes me forget that nature has all the simplicity I need

That once I am there

for even such a short while

It doesn’t take much of it

for me to feel a sense of earthy renewal

throughout my entire being

That makes me feel one again

pulling together pieces of me

I’d forgotten I had

that makes the ME in me

for a brief moment in time

drawn in to what I see


into it

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