Beloved Cat

beloved cat, poems, poetry, prose, steven humphreys

If you must

have your beloved cat

right by your side

at all times

like I do

just make sure it stays along side

where you are at

it just might be curled up with you in bed

you know how lucky you are

feeling like a star

having a friend like that?

That bushy tail flicking back and forth

in your face

tickling your nose

hair in your eyes

under the fold of a blanket

you have to go under the faucet

and rinse your eyes out

like I do every single morning when I wake up

and every so often

throughout the day

Those beautiful keen eyes of theirs

make you pay

you can’t resist the beauty of them

see every movement your toes make under the covers

still in a sleeping daze

when you least expect it



That soft cuddly fur

you have to vacuum up


on a regular basis

That playfulness

when they spill that coffee in your cup

They know how to get what they want out of you

if you don’t look up

because they demand that attention

like a new born pup

All those special little bags of cat treats

you buy with your hard earned cash

is so worth it

whenever they decide to rub against your leg

and grace you with a tidbit of affection

at last

you know exactly why they are doing that

when the clock in their heads


and says to them

“It’s treat time”

so you give them what they want

and hear them sing

spoil the living hell out of them

you know you shouldn’t

but you do it


Our beloved cat

nothing like ’em

has a strange love

that rings

a manipulative love

unlike dogs

who are like an open book

you can read

you always know where you stand

with a dog

who’s always loveable and

seeks out your opinion

asking you for direction

where they will look

cats don’t consult with you

But, it doesn’t diminish our love for these independent feline creatures

I wouldn’t call cats dishonest

and unloving

They have their way of loving you back

they are our emboldened teachers

But, it happens when they are good and ready

I wouldn’t change a single thing about their character

because then

they wouldn’t be our

beloved cat

made of

that special unexplainable something

you need

to have around

the house

to follow you

and even though

he has the whole room

to choose where he lays on the mat

his cute furry head

 he has to plop right in front of you

when you

try to type a poem

want to play a game of billiards

eat a sandwich

or something

like that

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