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I said

Whispering to myself

In my crowded

Valley town

Get the hell

out of here

right now!

Immerse yourself

In a meadow breeze

of lingering doubt

Smelling so green

and grassy

enough to shout

Around three in the afternoon

Trees swaying

creaking side to side

grasses becoming

tall ocean waves

on each side of me

crashing together

pushing me along

as I walk

Many Cats


hopping up and down

doing what’s in their nature

Whiskers twitching

Crickets hopping

Eyes darting

Cats jumping

to a butterfly

Look over there!

Beyond the ravine

It’s on the other side of that house

straight ahead

There Lies the Secret road

I told you about

It winds up my mountain side

I have traveled on it

by foot

many times


that’s where I go

to get wisdom

staying up there

until that wisdom catches hold

sitting on an old fallen tree

surrounded by living trees

until darkness

creeps in like a dark Ink


the endless sprinkled

Glittering stars

Raining down

from the crystal clear


On top


weathered roof

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