I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

I wouldn't change a thing, steven humphreys, poetry, poems, prose, writer, author

The path you chose

brought you here

right where you




everything you’ve done

in life

has brought you here

mediocre lies

before you a

high fork in the road

the turning point

in your life

There’s a person you used to know who’s going left

not right


you never really knew him at all, did you?

He wasn’t your friend

in spite

not even a fair-weather friend

flying his kite

an imposter posing as an acquaintance

another deceiver

in the night

that taught you something

you’d rather not remember

He stops in his tracks and defiantly shouts at the top of his lungs…

“I wouldn’t change a goddamned thing that I’ve done or said in life”

that he regrets nothing at all…

and, he flips you the bird

and walks on

you wonder what the hell you did

to him

to deserve that

you used to be a true friend

but, he only used you

you the giver

him the taker

because users can’t use other users

they can only use the good hearted

sincere giver

like you

So, you look up to their sign

which says

‘I’ve learned nothing!’

and you see yours to the right which reads

‘Humble but writhe’

This guy looks back at your sign and scoffs

he shakes his head laughing like it’s a very stupid sign

So, you walk to the right

hurt and befuddled

leaving him to go his way

because you know where your muddled

feet should go

You look over and see he is walking on a narrow slippery path

up a steep incline

stepping on rocks

tripping and kicking them

falling on his hind

This person slips slides and falls

many times

they brush themselves off

huff and puff

cuss and fuss

blaming others

‘this cruel world!’

‘that stupid damned trail!’

and they look at their cuts, scrapes, blood, welts, and bruises form

But, he doesn’t turn around

and look at you

he keeps walking

and falling

yelling every nasty and profane word in the book

As you look ahead

you are walking upon artfully paved cobblestones

you pass colorful fragrant flowers along the way

on each side of the trail

and in the distance


getting closer

You see a friendly stranger’s face


standing tall

and strong

waving you onward

he is telling you something

in a soft voice

But, you cannot yet hear

what he is saying…

But, somehow you know


you know

where you are heading


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