Be Bohemian

be bohemian, steven humphreys, poetry

You got Soul

when you

be Bohemian

join the



quit that stupid ass

day job

that demeans

your purpose!

reject the rules of this world!

become a young artist







whatever works for you, baby!

just, do it!

free your mind

get that no elbowroom apartment

find a friend to help pay rent, food, and beer

cut your hair

grow your hair

shave that beard

grow a beard

shave your head

get a tattoo on your forehead

cover your body with them

get an ear ring

nose ring

toe ring

belly button ring

question everything

especially authority

don’t believe politicians

all are two faced

live for now

let tomorrow take care of itself

don’t follow fashion

or trend

get into any university

by any means you can


pile those student loans

to the sky

and get your degree in Philosophy!

buy your clothes at the

thrift store

love the world

and the world reads you

poems in the park

freak on Poetry

puts your head straight

body, mind, emotions

get freed

live and let live

pull that hat down over your ears

until you

express that genius

love everything

when you hate the world

the world hates you


and walk that barefoot

zigzagged path

of poison thorns and slippery

organic banana peels

to the learned sign ahead

that says

crazy thing called


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