Break into your Happy Dance

break into your happy dance, steven humphreys, poems, poetry, prose

Break into your happy dance

because I’ve discovered


in life is a


whatever one experiences

represents a symbol

as hard as you try

you can’t prove this existence is real

or not

but, it feels real enough

doesn’t it?

we can probably agree on that one

good feelings feel as real as the bad

the other day I saw this commercial

everyone was wearing a clown nose

it’s one of the few commercials I laughed at

so, as soon as I could

I ordered about ten of them straight from China

off eBay

they were all under two bucks, shipped!

but, that’s not the great thing about it

my wife’s kid brought over this little Mexican girl he and his wife were babysitting

never saw her before

I told her I had something for her

and walked down the hallway to my room

I was surprised

she ran down the hall after me

I got the bag

and put on my clown nose

we became friends

and, she put on hers


she left with a couple of noses I gave her

maybe, one of them for her brother

I don’t know

I was really proud of making her happy

I wasn’t a real clown

only a virtual one

she waved goodbye

but, this clown was sad

I didn’t get a hug

and, since she lived in Victorville

probably won’t ever see her again



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