Homage to the Brady Bunch

homage to the brady bunch, steven humphreys, poetry

I’d like to pay homage

to the Brady Bunch

I felt

they were always the family

I never had

(even though I would’ve never quite fit in…)

Yeah, it was

a corny show

but, it was wholesome

something I needed

that filled me with joy

and, it was free

that’s hard to find these days…

I mean, something filled with goodness

I never tire of watching the same

old episodes

over and over

almost like an old B-Movie

who knew I’d be doing this sort of thing

at this late date in my life

it’s become a tradition with us

me and my wife

watching it on Sundays

I know it was only acting

But, does it really matter

when you find out fifty years later

that the only thing you had in the past that made you feel the best was that thing that wasn’t even real?



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