Poetry in Motion

poetry in motion, steven humphreys, prose, poetry

Eyes like black

shirt buttons

burn like coal

in the middle of the night

in the blue

with a yellow moon

between leaveless

tree branches

poetry in motion

on a friggin’ snowman’s


moves you on

listening to easy music

that carried you away

once before

to somewhere you weren’t ready to


because you hadn’t been to that



until you grew up

when you were a teen

even to now

you wish you could go back



it permanently

who wouldn’t give it all up to hop in that time machine and leave THIS?

It’s how the message makes you feel

that sound echoing up through your soul

brings you up from your painful hellish


into that temporary heaven

between hell and the ethereal

you used to know

called a musical trance

lacking philosophical meaning

when taking a walk

you start skipping

like a child

on the edge

of the other side

of a coin

buying you

everything you want



and whatnot

you got that raise

you already spent

on that meal

that gave you


it was never enough

to please you was it?

at least until you had enough

and fed up with

the bully’s S__T

because that son of a bitch behind you

kept pushing you against your ass with his cart

bumping you

acting like he didn’t

do it on


because that A-Hole thought his time was more important

than yours

and you were his victim

because you happened to be

in front of him

in his goddamned


and he sure as S__T is goanna take it out on you!

Sodom and Gomorrah

is alive and well

here in LA!

cause’ no one cares about no one

but their own queer ways

It’s the new normal

that’s happening all around us

these twisted days

We didn’t see coming

now it’s a tsunami

of raw sewage

coming our way

to smash us to smithereens

I just realized it!

we were the fools

who flushed that huge toilet bowl

full of…


into a

transgender foo-foo committee

that someone created without our permission

that gives advice on fluffy pink feathered boa around their necks and mile high spiked heels

with crooked politicians

pleasing a handful of weirdos

because they found out their own daughter

was a lesbian

if you are mainstream

right is wrong

But, when was it we decided to shave our heads and start walking backwards?

those who bitch the loudest

get what they want

don’t you just want to slap that evil smile off their smirking faces?

the liberal media in all it’s insidious forms

that’s who did it

those whining pansies of the big city couldn’t do it all by themselves

they needed to be taken by their hand by big brother

helped by all those stinkin’ cowards

 who speak politically correct words

since it’s currently so fashionable to be a pussy these days…

isn’t it?

so reporters only have to write all their bullshit down

while all the lonely old porn stars get used up

and fade away

cause’ no one cares

they had their fun

abusing themselves

until they lost their looks

and it was finally over

tough S__T

to those forgotten

nobody pieces of meat

they say

would you listen to a poem on your deathbed?

or would you rather be too busy

because you had somewhere else to go in a



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