This Wretched Life

this wretched life, steven humphreys, poetry, prose, poems

a heartfelt message

to those living

in this

wretched life

find your comfort

where you can

even if watching your

wind spinner or whirligig


with a light

puff of wind

does the trick

you are one of the blessed


you thought you were

a child of god

but your

path was cursed


prayers unanswered


half glasses emptied


 better than a kick in the ass

you never got


til you gave to yourself

and you did earn

every nickel

you gave

as those sons of bitches promptly took

it all away from you

again and again

you waited for the love

that never came

and, you suffered alone

too often


too long

you were born with an innocent heart

and developed a conscience

that should be hardened

to survive this life better

instead, you got

brought into a world

 you never once asked for

all too often seeming like a damned lie

when all you wanted was to be



live a life

 true to yourself

yet, as hard as you tried

you always got what you didn’t want

stuck once more

in the whirlpool of circumstance

of living your life in heavy shackles

around both wrists and ankles

while those callous A______S

never suffer

one goddamned thing

it’s only you and I

who feel anything worth


but, they are not like us

they don’t feel the same

about anything

anybody says or does to them

the worse it gets for them

the more they take it out on us

and they are always ready to do it to us

 with great delight

turning that knife

wherever they can

in our backs

in our hearts

in our minds

as long as they can get away with it

they always find a way

to do it

to us

this life was custom-made for them

not for you

nor I

they never grimace

never flinch

they don’t feel pain

not like us

they dish it out

in a mile high plateful

of garbage

overcoming their challenges

is always so easy for them

because their purpose and intent

is never noble

drinking what they want

eating like there’s no tomorrow

stepping all over us

flattening us like a two ton steamroller

and, then they love who they love

their way

having the gall to proudly call

what they say they are doing


they know not of love

and what it is

because, their love is not love

it is never

the way we love

Sadly, in the end

We get no justice

no revenge

against those

 who have virtually destroyed

our souls

while god

so silent



does what he does

that which we will never know

despite their

evil doings

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