Something that should have happened

something that should have happened, steven humphreys, poetry, poems, prose

that something

should have happened

left you with a

nagging emptiness

of what you

should have

listened to

your heart of hearts

way back then

when you are alone

you find ways

not to be alone

it’s the new

kiss of death

being alone…

 you thought someone would

come and save you

and fix things

but, no one did

time slipped away

and, when you look in the mirror

that spring chicken

no longer

looks back


happy sounds…

it’s not like you can say to yourself

and laugh

‘Oh Well, I’ll get it right the next time around’

 that’s not funny anymore

because you know there’s no next time

and there will be an end

to it all


so, you keep sailing

navigating the waters

as best you can

around submerged rocks

that’ll sink your ship

drowning you



ice cold


so, you keep both hands plaon the wheel

while catching wind

keeping your ship’s sails

puffed out

you are the crew

who does many things

to keep your ship


through all the darkness

in faith

it pulls you through


salty water

which sprays up

cooling your face

until you see

that lighthouse beam

over the horizon

flashing on that canvas sheet

tied to the mast

then, you know this sea

doesn’t go on and on


without a sandy shore

to run aground

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