That Elusive Chase

the elusive chase, steven humphreys, poetry, poems, prose

that elusive chase I do

always leads back to me

in my pursuit


become wise enough

to know where God works.

The spirit of ME persists

inside this rented body


looks out through

these eyes of mine

which see

fire engulfing mountains

waves crashing on the shore

smokers putting cigarettes out

under warm beach sand

the sun setting

the moon rising

as they always do

the buildings standing tall

in L.A.

under clouds

People sitting under trees in a park

kids pitching pebbles in the lake

teens setting beer bottles on the curb,


tossing them inside the Ivy

on the side of my house

I look out the window

and see the neighbor father

picking up bags of fast food trash

with pieces of hamburgers and fries spewed all over

the middle of the street

I listen to my girls scream

running away from bees

who fly over our pool

whenever I sit outside

and notice

a solitary bee landing

crawling on the edge

of my birdbath

drinking only what it needs

and flying off


all this will pass

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