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Those Who Know

Those who know their own souls wrestle the unborn incarnation teetering on edge of a new moon. the faint of heart grateful for their penchant reside in another room of their own consciousness  championing an endured day. understanding the manifestation they are evolving to the just voice on its behalf and the mannerism they are called to abide by reside within… Continue reading Those Who Know

My slant on writing...

The Liebster Award

Thank you J. Cosby for nominating me for the Liebster Award. I have written for many years, but have decided to write poetry again after forty years. This award could be a great tool for getting to know and supporting other like minded bloggers. A Little History about the Liebster Award: Me and my friend Google discovered...… Continue reading The Liebster Award

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Bow Down

Bow down hear the ground rumble up through your soul urging you don't belong, that you fit somewhere else greater. Nudging you along your painful journey, where good feelings deceive, no doubting pain is the teacher. knowing flows like a deity... 'when you feel the way you do, watch how it bends, but take the longest ride,' For, there's no… Continue reading Bow Down


Kings of the Paper Trail

Kings of the paper trail wear developed egos learned lies wrapped in a cave man's tale Killing briar burning witches heretics and those not swaggering. Their swordsmen kill doing dirty work writing blood stained papers. The Newfound Kings of nothing cover tracks carefully sending unscrupulous mannequins who ponder insidiously. smothering mountains of paper trap you within words of 'committing moral suicide'… Continue reading Kings of the Paper Trail


The Hobo’s Dog

Have you figured out yet that all along, the problem was that goddamned ego? Yes, who doesn't want to be one of the rich and famous? I don't see why not... They are some of the unhappiest and loneliest people in the world who have sold their souls for the sake of fame and money. I… Continue reading The Hobo’s Dog

Spiritual and beyond

Something Down There

"There's something down there!" said the Professor. The student looked down and saw nothing. "No, I don't see anything..." "Oh yes, look harder, you can see it moving down there. Can't you smell the perfume?" The student looked down the well once more thinking his teacher was becoming a 'nutty professor.' And, once more, there… Continue reading Something Down There


That Restless Soul

That restless soul of yours Yeah, it wanders. It wears its own shoes, but you never put them on or take them off. it wanders toward that mystery, that thing you thought you wanted to find but never reached quite yet because you grew up a little and along the way you got older. you… Continue reading That Restless Soul

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Skin a Mango

There's more than one way to do anything. For example, in how to skin a mango. The next couple of months is the best season for mangoes. I love mangoes. They are ripe when they are the least bit soft. They are golden inside like a canned peach. They almost taste like a peach, to me.… Continue reading Skin a Mango


Changed Man

You might think you've found your way changed man. But, when you advance in age you never know how much time you have left. that's precisely when worries take on less urgency, some cares disappearing altogether. because, through time you learn that what used to matter doesn't anymore. As I look around the world I see… Continue reading Changed Man


That Inside Thing

You know, I don't know if I would worry too much about what's going on in our subconscious minds. And, I don't think it wise to say it's god consciousness... I am talking about that inside thing in good conscience, of course. it's down below that we can't seem to grasp and understand. it might be… Continue reading That Inside Thing