No One Lives There Anymore

No one lives there anymore

In that old abandoned house

over there

even this hermit

this old hobo

worn out soul

as you can see

except for me

No one lives on the side of the road

No smoke comes out of that

tumbled down chimney

windows unboarded

with weeds growing over

broken shards of glass

buried beneath

bare feet

A ghost

looks through the crack

of a rotten board

nailed to the wall

There’s a highway running through it

the Jackrabbit jumps over

in the cool day

 Bygone Souls drift in and out

of that house

Cars rush by

pushing air

dust devils spin

I’ll be good if you let me live there again…

I’ve been a good man

I’ve been bad

a phony man

I didn’t know

how to be

except for what

I was told

I only knew

how to read a


handed down

by a father

who’s not there anymore

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