On Being Man

My thoughts on being man

may be true for some

and not for others.

I only know me

because I am one of them.

For me, being one is harder than it appears.

empathy for you and the good you have done is found


when you are gone.

but, that’s what you deserve

having the gall to

be born


Women think they know men.

they tell us exactly how we are all the time.

But, the truth is, you never know what being anything is,

until you are…

but, in my own experience of being one

of those peculiar male like creatures,

I definitely blend right in

among their ranks.

I can say

without doubt

I am no expert

because there is no school

for manhood.

becoming a genuine man

is the same as

there’s no school for life.

We’ve all heard women say

‘Women are always right’

I hear a lot of that under my roof

from my two women

(who, from time to time, gang up on me.)

any man who’s wise enough

knows not to challenge that

assumed statement

cause’ no man wins an argument with any woman

on any subject,


That’s just how it is.

Women were created to win arguments with men.

So, if you want to start an argument with a women, you might as well

call the Devil up on your cellphone and start an argument with him…

No mater how you look at it

Men may win the battles, but women always win the entire war…

many of those wimpy male apologists have said it

on TV,

that women are ‘always right and men are always wrong’

I think those wimps on all those women talk shows

Wish other men felt as ashamed as they are about being a man.

Funny, how when those shows fade away

those guys are never remembered.

They never earned a gravestone marker.

If a woman had trouble with her father

(And, I never heard of a female who didn’t)

that no man I’ve ever heard of

makes the cut

there’s no way any man can…

But, that man in her life has a special challenge if he can muster up the strength and character to survive all of the drama he’s in for

he has to be more than he can be

which is impossible in itself to do

for, how can one man be more than he can be at any given moment?

he can’t.

he can only be who he is

and, all men fail being better than that.

The divorce rate has never been higher

and single relationships don’t last, either

it amazes me how men and women stick together for as long as they do.

everyone should be responsible for their own happiness

yet, it doesn’t appear to quite work that way

because so many blame others

for their own unhappiness.

I hear men get quite a bit of blame and flak these days

Just turn on a woman’s talk show and within a few seconds, you’ll hear it…

But, it’s always been that way

long before talk shows were invented.

it probably goes back to the metaphorical Adam

after he took that bite.

he’s the one who screwed it up for all those who followed.

‘Can’t live with them or live without them’

that’s a popular phrase

which is as true now as always

and, it doesn’t get any easier as one gets older

the only thing that changes

are the problems and challenges.

and as for

‘if I could do my life over again, how would I do things different’?


I wouldn’t do it, again.

That is, if I had any say in it.

I would rather stay an Angel in Heaven

(if I could get that appointment)

and look down

relieved I wasn’t one of those poor



but, as my luck would have it

I’d be looking up

at the men and women looking

down at me

shedding their eternal tears.

yet, I know without a doubt

 I wouldn’t have matured

past a child

without women.

And, would have only cared about myself.

Because of them, I now know what love is and isn’t.

because, when women cry, the whole world cries with them.

but, when a man cries, he cries

to his god,



5 thoughts on “On Being Man

  1. Thank you for posting this. I am woman. 🙂 I feel for men who feels he cannot share his overwhelmed day, his stress, and sorrow. For he always trys to save the day and be strong and hear out the womans needs.but he to needs a shoulder to cry on too. He cannot always be strong as a woman wants him to be he is human just as she is. Some Woman forget that

    Liked by 1 person

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