Over There

Things look better over there

at least, until you get over there

then, you might have a few reservations

and, wanna come back over here.

But, you find out you can’t go home anymore

because they’ve burned your house down.

One thing I’ve learned

for sure…

is to think for yourself.

you don’t need to be a member

of a club, church, organization,

even think tank…

I wouldn’t join a damned thing If I were you

because there’s always a fee.

Now, I’m not doubting there could possibly be some happiness found

through some spiritual organization or religion.

But, even that’s a big maybe.

Some of the most spiritual and religious people I’ve met

tilt the bottle,

even worse than that.

and, it seems everything they touch

turns into trials and tribulations…

because there’s no escaping living

except through dying.

There’s me, you, and the neighbor

holding up the wall standing under that flickering lamp post.

He may jump up and down like a rhesus monkey

for the money.

I know that there would be no character built if not for temptation.

And, no one would write poetry if there were no pain in the world.

It seems yesterday’s weird is today’s normal

and today’s weird is gonna be tomorrow’s every day boring routine.

That man and woman attraction is causing all the trouble.

As, we’re on the brink of a civil war

race against race

with looming nuclear threats.

you get let off the hook easy when you have your good ole’ boys judging you…

then they say, ‘oh, he’s OK, let him go on his way! Here, take that rope off his bastardy neck!’

for them, that’s justice.

but, it’s not very goddamned polite!

And, if there’s no provable difference between someone dead or alive, this is surely all an illusion, anyway.

In my off time…

I love looking at my lizard friends crawling up my block walls.

they all have those tiny claws that cling.

Well, this is their sanctuary and I make goddamned sure it’s protected.

I know a young lizard from my old man lizard.

Old man lizard is dark like a black man, and I know they don’t have much longer to live,

because I’ve picked them up dead and have given them

a well deserved funeral in my garden.

I am their caretaker because I love my creatures who live in my yard.

the little Lizard princes and princesses have to be mighty careful,

because birds, squirrels, even mice and rats will pick them off,

 even being attacked by the old lizard-king himself eating his own offspring.

Years ago, a hawk swooped down

and picked one of my dark old lizard men friends off the top of the wall

right in front of me

and carried him away.

I felt so terrible about the whole thing.

It happened in an instant

and, the thought of my poor lizard friend being eaten pained me.

the kitty hawk took a piece of me with him.

It’s just like


when there are things you can’t control.

and, there are way too many things that are so unjust we can’t do anything about except watch them happen.

and, for once in my life, I can truly say I love what I do.

It’s right here as I write.

you see me for what I am.

It’s right here in front of you

 just look up to your ceiling.

there is a hole in my roof

as there is in yours

and a leak in my heart

because of all I do.

That’s hell’s way of heaven,

because that’s what’s left when

there’s no room for major screw-ups.

because, you do find out in time


over there is only


in the beginning.

But, you will want to come back again,

when you’ve been away long

enough to forget how

it used to feel like

being there…


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