Messages From the Depths

Messages From the depths

of all of this…

something that’s always been.

A hand rose up

from below

with a sign

that said

‘a handful of lives matter.’

That’s when you knew

you’d finally lost your way

to a society

that’s goanna come after you

cause’ they see you as a thinkin’ man

who carries a gun.

but, you aren’t the one killing those good people

with that gun of yours

cause’ it’s truer than ever

when you look up

the cultures here

the nation of laws

the heart of man

it’s where we live

in this land.

there’s a voice not heard

crying out

the one they’re bent on getting

saying to take his head off…

cause’ there’s more foolish laws

than those that make sense

cause’ guns never pull triggers


bad guys get the guns.

Beware Honest Schmuck!

all those empty headed


are goanna figure out a way to pass a law to take your gun away!

so you become some sitting duck

who’s goanna get his goose cooked

without jury

when King tyrant grabs the

reigns of power

eating turkey drumsticks

on your tab

while the guillotine blade

awaits the order to fall

by that filthy fat pig on his throne


‘let the blade fall sharply in a flurry!’

as those guilty

watch innocent bloody heads clunk

down into the basket below.

you used to know

 where you stood,

cause’ you always feared things could get worse.

it’s happening all around.

 everyone could learn something and

things could get better, and sure could get worse


there’s a line between no return

and no way back

from all the ignorance that’s been passed around.

so, grab your ankles

and start praying

under the steeple

about that beautiful place

we’d rather be

that we used to know

with someone

who wants to take the time

to take a very long drive

back again

to that place of roots

where it all began…

‘we are the people

who belong to one nation’

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