That Inside Thing

You know, I don’t know if I would worry too much

about what’s going on in our subconscious minds.

And, I don’t think it wise to say

it’s god consciousness…

I am talking about that inside thing

in good conscience, of course.


down below that we can’t seem to grasp and


it might be better to look out that window

and watch the steam rise.

I mean, if life is so real,

then why don’t we know ourselves better?

In other words,

where’s that ‘I’ inside?

Now, I know that when I tell my wife she treats me too good

and that she should treat me like crap,

she knows it’s just old A_____E me

kiddin’ around as usual

with my dry sense of humor.

Women always know darned well

what your intention is.

So, I would say that

you have to have an intention,

and know it better than anyone

to get to where it is you want to go.

that you must keep foremost in your mind

what your intention is

where it is you intend on carrying on

with most of your time.

You can’t just wander around like an

ape about it.

You gotta’ try to figure out what you want

in life soon as you have

a teaching mind.

Just like a prayer…

it gets an answer.

for, it will be based upon priority

of those answered

dependent upon



You can do all those weird things with your mind

that they say to do in those books

that’s supposed to draw what you want to you

through visualization.

but, things just might not

work out the way they promise.

There are rules in this universe that can’t be broken,

although, there’s always a few exceptions

 I will talk about later.

But, for now the best way to get what you want is in using

your best intention to receive it.

Yet, it is more than merely wanting something on a whim.

There is a lesson there, though.

and, not a good idea to take things too lightly.

You don’t want to screw your head all up

through someone’s book that’s filled with some hair-brained

theory based upon contemporary fad.

Now, this thing called ‘you and I’ is immaterial, yet I’m not so sure

those psychiatrists and psychologists have it exactly right about

the Id, Ego, and Subconscious mind.

Things could be a lot wilder than that

and most likely are.

you’ll see in the time it takes

for it’s head to rear itself…

Our consciousness is neither here nor there,

and if that be so, the subconscious resides

in a murk we can never get at.

that’s probably a good thing in itself

cause’ it wouldn’t be such a bright idea being awake and asleep

at the same time a-swingin’ on a vine

with so many trees comin’ straight at ya’.

I think we can agree on that one.

But, consciousness seems to come through ourselves,

these hairy bodies of ours

that along with some of us

 include grasping tails.

I think there’s a lot more than meets the eye

behind what we see

in front of us

as we speak.

So, it is not as much ‘know thyself’

as it is

what your intentions are and what you are sincere

about that matters most.

Now, why things were made so complicated is not up to

me to figure out.

my job is to do something else

that I’ve just about readied myself to find.

But, we have to learn our lessons, because they are there

to learn.

And, there’s no one there but you and me to learn them.

because, you are none the wiser

never learning from someone

who doesn’t know why he made a showing.

and, if there’s that inside thing, we sure

don’t know what that is.

The only thing we know is

that you and I are here

right now

trying to do some thinkin’ and brew up a little

fun at it

until it’s time to

check out

 if that

‘other place’

is what it’s

all cracked up to


cause’ god himself didn’t

confide in me

nor tell me

any of his




raise my status

to that of the divine.

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