Skin a Mango

skin a mango, steven humphreys, prose, poem, poetry

There’s more than one way to do anything.

For example, in how to skin a mango.

The next couple of months is the best season for mangoes.

I love mangoes.

They are ripe when they are the least bit soft.

They are golden inside like a canned peach.

They almost taste like a peach, to me.

I went to the store earlier today and picked up about seven or eight mangoes.

They were priced right

They were huge.

I picked up a potato peeler with a red and white handle because it works great for me in peeling mangoes.

My old potato peeler went dull.

When I peel, I cut the meat of it off the seed, then cube it up.

I had waited two weeks to get this peeler because the store ran out.

Finally, it was up on the rack as I strolled down the isle with my cart.

In the meantime, I ordered a couple old fashioned stainless potato peelers (I think off eBay.)

A waste of money.

Cheap, though.

Couple of bucks.

Can’t whine too much.

They didn’t work that good on the mango, I didn’t try it on potatoes.

I threw them in the drawer.

I will figure that out later.

I began a conversation with the checker and box boy about peeling mangoes with my new peeler.

Of course, I had to buy a couple chocolate bars which are not on my diet.

The box boy said ‘you can use a spoon, or simply peel the skin away.’

The checker girl said something, but I don’t remember what that was.

But, she seemed interested and friendly.

They are getting quite a nice crew there at Stater Brothers.

This conversation was only a few seconds.

I thought to myself that I had used my  thumb on occasion, and did pull the skin off.

This works OK, but wasn’t my favorite technique.

Then, the box boy said something else about some other sort of peeler or kitchen tool or whatever, and I didn’t hear or didn’t listen, and frankly didn’t know what the hell he was talking about.

But, I agreed with him because I didn’t want to appear like I wasn’t paying attention…

There’s a physicist I highly recommend listening to named ‘Tom Campbell’ who said we are here on this earth to learn, but if we learn enough, we can help others, even teaching, but at the very least, we can be kind in some way or another…

It sounds like something I should adopt and do, ASAP.

I think I might be doing it right here…

So, I told the two I was waiting for the store these past few weeks to stock a new peeler and I’d ordered a couple of old fashioned peelers in the meantime that didn’t work so well, and that I also bought an apple corer.

But, I didn’t tell them that didn’t work so well, either.

It makes the apple brown too fast.

Better cut with a knife.

I cut them up for my wife.

She likes it that way.

You learn…

There’s more than one way to say that when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

But, there’s something very strange about when that happens.

When and if it happens, you will never remember exactly when it happened.

The reason is because you’ve changed.

One day you become the teacher

when you are ready.

And, it may take you a very long time.

You realize there’s more than one way to peel a mango.

I knew all the other ways, except the spoon.

I don’t like using my thumb.

It gets under my nail.

It seemed something rang a bell when I told them I peeled mine with

a potato peeler.

I buy at Sprout’s, too…

A Mexican produce guy at Sprout’s told me he doesn’t peel the mangoes, he just

eats the skin, too.

I thought, ‘wow, I never thought of doing something like that.’

I tried it

I don’t recommend it.

I haven’t seen him around Sprout’s lately.

Why would someone eat the skin of the mango, too?

It was terrible.

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