That Restless Soul

That restless soul of yours

Yeah, it wanders.

It wears its own shoes,

but you never put them on

or take them off.

it wanders toward that mystery,

that thing you thought you wanted to find

but never reached

quite yet

because you grew up a little

and along the way

you got older.

you forgot what it was you were looking for in the first place

because you stopped and looked into the mirror.

You tried to brush the dust of time off,

but all it did was smudge your shirt.

But, you tried like I tried,

didn’t you?

You tried to find your place

among men.

But, things never come out perfect

like you’d hoped for.

You got what you got,

but sometimes you got a full plate of it dished back


How many things would you like to

change about your life?

Cause’ this is as real as it gets,

even though at times it doesn’t feel so real

and time is running out for you

cause’ that clock’s still a tickin’.

This is all we have to work with, like it or not.

It’s the pain that keeps us in a straight line,

yet we all stagger still.

It’s that fine line between feelin’ good and feelin’ bad

like walkin’ on a tightrope.

It’s a Zig zagged path we walk.

I mean, no matter how things appear,

they aren’t as real as they seem.

Don’t get too upset when something

in your life turns crappy.

Cause’ when you finally give up

the idea you can control a goddamned thing

in life,

things start to get better.

Then, you know you have learned something

you might be able to pass on to another.

This whole thing isn’t as big a deal

as we make it seem cause’

when it’s all over

you’ll forget everything.

 Whine all ya’ want.

No ears hear our cries

but our own.

If you could take all of this with you when you

finally leave this place many of us call reality,

We will all look back and only then learn it was only temporary

like Kindergarten.

So, you call all of this living, don’t you?

It’s not so real even though it seems so.

Yet, it is as real as real gets

and we have to deal with it

or suffer penalty

of a lonely life.

The pain tells you so.

It jabs you.

That ‘s how it reminds you

that you’re still here in one piece.

That sharp pin prick gets you

right where it hurts the most


you keep puttin’ your hands

where you know

they don’t belong

because you think

being a

curious soul

entitles you

to do as you please.

There are voices that don’t play anymore.

Places that aren’t there anymore

like those old buildings you used to

walk by on the way to

grade school

that stand no more.

Something became invisible you don’t recognize anymore.

Much more than that, you’ve forgotten more than you


You change your mind

like all the others do

thinking all that’s OK

because everyone does it,

and then you pay the price

for forgetting what you

should’ve remembered


Things become new,

Things get old,

Things are crooked,

And, the soul gets old.

In other’s minds and hearts

You are not you


You and I have become someone else

in our own minds.

our hearts have changed


we keep in our back


we pull them out

to hang on the wall,


we go away,

and trip on a crack on the

sidewalk and fall down,


into yet another


of life’s experiences;

looking up,

looking down,

looking side to side,

over our shoulders,

scratching our heads





from time to time…

2 thoughts on “That Restless Soul

  1. This is so good. I feel much of what you say. Like … just when I hang my hat on the hook of life and I think I understand a little more, the hook gets shifted a little to the left. I cope by looking up at the stars through space who have struggled so long to reach me … and you. I am sitting on my balcony typing this and one by one the stars are coming out. Your poem reached me like this as well. So I would say to you … job done my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

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