Something Down There

“There’s something down there!”

said the Professor.

The student looked down and saw nothing.

“No, I don’t see anything…”

“Oh yes, look harder, you can see it moving down there.

Can’t you smell the perfume?”

The student looked down the well once more

thinking his teacher was becoming a ‘nutty professor.’

And, once more, there was nothing there.

He thought the professor’s glasses were all fogged up.

He couldn’t smell perfume.

“I don’t see or smell anything Sir.’

“So, you doubt me?”

“No, sir,” the young man said not wanting

to ‘tic’ his teacher off by appearing to be

not respectful.

The student looked down again more determined to see something, anything, and smell the scent of any kind of perfume, but this time he doubted

himself and gave the professor the benefit of the doubt taking that leap of faith that a teacher of that high status would know something he obviously did not despite not seeing and smelling anything at all relying upon his own senses.

The boy was perplexed and didn’t know

what to do next or how to act. He didn’t want to be dropped from the class

and receive an ‘F’.

So, he said as he put his acting

skills in place he learned

in another class

at the University…

“Yeah, I see it!”

the student jumped up and down.

“You really do?”

“Sure, sir, honest I do!”

the professor paused and had a smirk on his face.

“Well, son, I wanted to teach you a lesson.”

the young man looked behind the professor

over at the well.

“And, what was that?” the student said feeling quite bewildered.

“I wanted to show you how easily people go along with something that’s not true.”

“I don’t quite understand, Professor Malarkey…”

“You are my best student. People can be tricked into believing lies when they have full awareness something is not true. You were just brainwashed. You were hypnotized. You were buffaloed into thinking something the media wants you to believe! You’ve been duped like millions of cattle. You are a follower of fools! Don’t feel so bad, this Happens all the time. It even happens to teachers, even the wisest of all men!”

The student sees something dark crawling out of the well and is startled.

The professor sees the boy step back a couple steps and says, “What’s the matter, son?”

“Oh, there’s something standing behind you with a big sword, Professor!”

the professor laughs out loud.

“You’ve learned well, my student! I think you’ve earned your ‘A’!”

“NO, really sir, we both have to get our ASSES out of here! NOW!”

The professor just stood there and casually looked over his shoulder.


then, the dark figure swung a long sword chopping his head off, and it fell down into the student’s hands. The figure walked over to the well giving the student a ‘thumbs up’ and crawled back down to the abyss below.

The student looked into the professors eyes still open and said,

“I guess this shows you can’t win them all, Professor!”

The young man wiped the tears from his own eyes with each of his shoulders.

The professor began laughing uncontrollably replying,

“Yes, you should be crying. But, not for me, but for yourself!  You didn’t learn your lesson well SON! I’m so sorry, but I have to give you a ‘C’ minus this time! ‘Everybody knows, Seein’s believin!’

*Poem written in the spirit of “Meet Duff,” by Yours Truly


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