Bow Down

bow down, steven humphreys, poetry, poem, prose

Bow down


the ground

rumble up through your soul



don’t belong,

that you fit

somewhere else


Nudging you

along your painful journey,

where good feelings deceive,

no doubting pain is the




like a deity…

‘when you feel the way you do,

watch how it bends, but take

the longest ride,’

For, there’s no denying the invisible

nature of feeling.

Yet, it’s enough it is there.

and, you feel it plainly.

Not that you should act upon

the whim

burning deep within

the lantern of the night

that carries you to a narrow trail

guiding you

through woods

collecting that

 faith filled bounty.

you knew you belonged,

as the drive ended

at the last bus stop


passed the graveyard.

as it opened

its oiled doors,

you knew you

did your best


you looked back

to the changed city.

once again, you sat

upon the old bench

you used to know

surrounded by the unkempt


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