The Sharing Soul

I do not own what comes through these gnarly fingers. words never fink like feelings do shared indeed amongst flowing one into  another. the sharing soul writes long forgotten lengthy words as his own child... beginning in that moment; undefinable between meanings despite  sincere prayers. greater mysteries are earned even though I know you've tried so… Continue reading The Sharing Soul

Spiritual and beyond

No Atomic Bomb Today

Heed the call to return to nature's apocalypse. Reclaim your animal roots. walk down a trail with your dogs a runnin' over a short bridge with a stream gurgling. sing that song that makes you remember eating your first piece of pizza after the prom you wished you showed up to. As you look back… Continue reading No Atomic Bomb Today


Iconic Legend

That Iconic Legend and those things it does to you. When I ease your pain, I own your sanity as well as losing my own. Whatever eases your pain becomes the God you worship. All those bad dreams become a Poem; all those bad days turn to Poetry someone else read in a dark alleyway. Some… Continue reading Iconic Legend


My Muse

At this point my muse is... this little piece of me. I got a few pet peeves. Don't call me paranoid, don't tease my dog, and don't make fun of my poetry, or I swear God above will punish the hell out of you in ways you never dreamt of. Furthermore... I can't see any… Continue reading My Muse

Spiritual and beyond

Not So PC

Walk the slow deliberate walk not so PC. It's where the clean wind blows; Which merely repeats the obscure silence of not believing anything you see and hear these days... listen to the echoes of countless unknown strangers singing to the mountain. cause' it needs to be said that little old me hears sounds no longer here tending… Continue reading Not So PC


The Man Club

Welcome to the Man Club; that no holds barred psyche where no wimp has gone before. There is no leader but yourself on a path no one has travelled. It's not easy being man. No, not at all. It might seem so, because women I am not with now had frequently told me how easy it… Continue reading The Man Club

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Spiritual and beyond

Letters to George

Excuse me for saying, but I was supposed to tell you something in the strictest of confidence. It took somewhat longer than expected to tell you because you and I were busy kissing and polishing  the boots of the Tyrant. Shhh... someone could be listening. It all started when we dropped our guard leaving the back door open.… Continue reading Letters to George

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Spiritual and beyond

Down the Rabbit Hole

It's good to get out of the house and take a stroll once in a while hand in hand with the natural world when you find that you are asking yourself some of the same deeper questions about your existence Like... 'Why was I born into this misery?' Or, at least, something close to that...… Continue reading Down the Rabbit Hole

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Spiritual and beyond

Field of Onions

the infamous cruel ruthless teacher inflicting twinge and trouble peeling our skin layer by  layer exposing an endless field of onions... bygone years intertwine forlorn tears; the grand mariner steers his red-orange horizon of floating memories as far as the eye can see... our prayer trumpets, 'Let not history repeat its indifferent gloom, lest we forget what we'd… Continue reading Field of Onions

that lost love, steven humphreys, poem, prose, poetry

That Lost Love

That lost haunting love, still smolders and burns throughout bittersweet years the righteous clamp biting sharply around the bleeding heart. Was it all so glorious as to not cast that horrible clinging thing out deep into the darkness of a bottomless sea? That magical elixir 'forget me not' drips like rain tapping  the umbrella reminding something not quite right was not yet heard.… Continue reading That Lost Love