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Down the Rabbit Hole

It’s good to get out of the house

and take a stroll

once in a while

hand in hand with the

natural world

when you find that you are asking yourself some of the

same deeper questions about your existence


‘Why was I born into this misery?’

Or, at least, something close to that…


when some idiot unbeknownst to you overhears you mutter

‘why me?’

and, he yells back

from a safe distance

at your lowest ebb

‘why not you!’

and, then you yell back

through your own tears

‘why not YOU, you rotten F____R!’

and, he gets in his car with stereo blasting with music

coming out the window you cannot stand…

But, you immediately feel the suction being pulled down the Rabbit hole

racing through the other end with very little to show for it on the other side except confusion and

no answers because there’s no one you can talk to

about that kind of stuff who’d really understand

and not suspect you might have a few


 coming loose.

 ‘why am I here?’ you ask.

And, God is silent.

but, you ask again…

‘Well God, I thought I’d at least ask you first, because

it should be simple for you to answer being you

had created all, right?…’

And, then you get another one of those silent cold shoulders

you are used to getting

when you pray as hard as you can…

So, that’s when you throw your arms up and pour yourself

a glass of ‘something’ cold

that hits the right spot

in your psyche

and possibly light up one big fat Cuban Cigar

(Finally, I think you can get them now, legally?)

and kick your feet up on the coffee table

and blow smoke rings in the air

shaped like cloudy gray Rabbits and look out your window to the

mountains above and see some dude who looks like me

staggering up some jagged trail, alone.

Here’s how my story goes…

I took a hike one day up a mountain

trail because it makes me feel better

looking around at natural things in the world.

It brings me back to that earthy feel that

everything is well and not

in quite as bad a shape as I had imagined.

I saw only Birds, Lizards, and Bees buzzing around.

That’s OK.

I didn’t see any Coyotes.

I saw no Deer.

I didn’t see any Rattlers…

I don’t particularly like these poisonous creatures.

I love all of nature, except the parts of it that might try to

hurt, maim and/or kill me.

Anyway, I saw all the weeds to the side of the trail, and I sneezed

a couple times as wind blew dust and pollen in my eyes.

The more I walked, the more I sweat, because it was a sunny day.

I wiped my brow and I wiped my nose with my hanky.

I didn’t know my destination.

I didn’t have one.

I was absorbed into nature;

so much, I forgot about me being there.

as I walked on…

Over to my right, I saw a hole on the side of the trail big enough for a Rabbit.


I waited.

Nothing poked its head out.

I tossed a pebble in.


I knew I couldn’t wait forever to see, ‘no stinkin’Rabbit.’

So, I walked on.

I saw another hole, not too far from the first.

I imagined this could be the exit,

even entrance for ‘something.’

I stood there and waited

I watched.

I tossed a pebble in.

Nothing poked its head out.

But, I didn’t mind not seeing a Rabbit.

I didn’t care if I saw anything at all.

It was enough for me

that I was there

as much as I was;

and not somewhere else

I thought was better,

which usually,



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