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Letters to George

Excuse me for saying,

but I was supposed to tell you

something in the strictest of


It took somewhat longer than expected

to tell you

because you and I were busy

kissing and polishing

 the boots of the



someone could be listening.

It all started when we

dropped our guard leaving

the back door open.

Then, brother

slipped right in

and made our beds

in the way he wants us

to sleep in them.

Now, I know you have learned

how to speak right like I


And, nowadays, it’s the fashion

to apologize for


to the right




And, we were taught how to think

by all those learned teachers

who only know how to use pens

in those famous universities

so we could get those prestigious jobs

that gave us our superiority complex

to justify us looking down

on those we think

are stupid;

therefore, inferior.


but not least,

we must give heartfelt


without choking


those great wonderful political leaders

who’ve never worked an

honest day in their lives;

but instead,

made time to

set the rules of speech

in concrete

so you lawfully

don’t offend

any ears except your own

because you must speak

words of betrayal


all things you

hold dear.

We learned it well,

didn’t we?

How to Grovel.

Think inside the box.

Sleep deeply.

Be the sex machine we were told

when those beautifully painted manicured nails snap

their luscious fingers dictating

with a sweet voice

how high we men are


to jump;

 That you better damned well remember to

bring home the bacon

or you know you won’t be loved,


To Let all the children murder

and tell them they didn’t really mean what they did,

because it wasn’t their fault at all

and the Devil ‘made’ them do it.

We Look deeply into the two-way mirror and

absorb the image that used to appear.

They say…

Your eyes deceive your

common sense.

Deny what you and I have become and it

just might fly away

to roost with the

other chickens

 in another’s


Say ‘Hello George!’

for once in your life like

you mindlessly mean it

and stop saying ‘Hello’ to that

cute goddamned little kitty

you’ve grown to cherish…

We believe in this contemporary madness

because it’s never not trendy.

We Comply

because It’s easier that way

even though it eats at your gut

 from the inside out.

Go along with it.

It keeps the bills paid

and the taxman at length

but surely as hell

keeps you trapped like a prisoner

so disillusioned

 in that

great paying job

you studied so many



that makes you get


drunk at night

and wake in the morning

with a hang

over that hovers over your

head all day long.

Don’t be different.

They will think you odd.

It’s easier just to fit in.

Why fight it?

Let them decide what’s best

for you simply because they can.

Wear the clothes they tell you to buy.

Act like all the others do.

Sit in that bumper to bumper traffic;

get used to it man, and pretend you love

that which brings

you to the verge of suicide.

Look exactly like all those ‘people pleasers,’ so you blend right in.

George knew

what Simon

was going to say…

“Someone else always knows

what’s best for



we better get busy

writing letters to George


‘Hello George’

is your new Kitty.”


Published by

Steven James Humphreys

My books are for sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. My wife and I live with our cats and dog in California. I hope you enjoy my blog and find it informative, meaningful and entertaining. Let me know what you think. You can read more on my 'about me' page. Thanks for stopping by!

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