Spiritual and beyond

Not So PC

Walk the

slow deliberate


not so PC.

It’s where the clean wind blows;

Which merely repeats

the obscure silence

of not believing anything

you see and hear

these days…

listen to the echoes

of countless unknown


singing to the mountain.

cause’ it needs to be said

that little old me

hears sounds no

longer here

tending to put a foot straight

in the mouth

which speaks to those who are not

of this earth.

yet, it sure does get me some new

friends who root me on.

 obey your soul

to what it urges you to be.

funny, how those who squawk the


are the biggest liars


quick to silence mouths

who aren’t mindless



sit in the sun and watch the birds fly by.

the not so beautiful green worm

eating freely from my garden

 is welcome,

because he grows wings becoming a

beautiful fluttering white butterfly

hovering over my flowers

eating no more than he needs

his entire life;

giving me all the joy my

aching soul requires

feeding my body

through another day.

You must pet your kitty


cause’ it will make you feel a

damned site better

about your fellow man

who imposes


laws dragging you down,

 building him up.

Yet, sadly, there will always be those

poor unfortunates

who cut their lives short

because of

some uncaring

person they thought was

so beautiful

 they couldn’t live another day without;

they would have found

among the living

 growing into another

person without them

despite that ugly hole in their heart

and haunting memory

in their head.

When you know there is an end to all of this,

you realize you’ve been wrong all along

about what you fought for,

believed in,

and held dear.

when you stand beside you

at your wit’s end,

 doors open

 out of nowhere.

but, in truth,


 were there all along

in front of blind eyes


images, symbols, and


reveal themselves



 own sweet time.


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