Spiritual and beyond

No Atomic Bomb Today

Heed the call to return to

nature’s apocalypse.

Reclaim your animal roots.

walk down a trail

with your dogs a runnin’

over a short bridge with a stream


sing that song that makes you

remember eating your first piece

of pizza after the prom you wished you

showed up to.

As you look back to that pot bellied pig

your momma didn’t let you have you

also remember that knife your dad gave

you that you stuck into that

pervert who tried to drug you and take you

down in his basement

and tie you up and molest you

again for old time’s sake.

So, you feel so damned lucky because

today that atomic bomb blast

only happened in a movie

you saw as a kid

that you got up and ate the rest of

your buttered popcorn

and stood up in the dark

walked up the aisle

and in the lobby

to look outside

and everything

was still intact.

So, you went outside to hear

another boy about your age


‘Extra, extra!

no atomic bomb today!’

which you see


as you hold onto those

bars the next

twenty years.



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