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Driving Nowhere on the Head of a Pin

Driving nowhere

propped up

on the head of a pin;

jackrabbit road

aimlessly sin

pink elephant

polka dot bikini

dancing on a rim

plays fine guitar

thumbing rides

in a bus

filled with laughing


wearing rabbit ears

looking down

out those passing windows

catching freight trains

ground rumblin’

tracks movin’

ground shakin’

trainwreck comin’

like an earthquake ragin’

breaking locks of all cages

lettin’ loose all rages

middle roads

filled with pot holes

remembering sages

and, all they’d said

‘gettin’ round’

in this town’

welling in your head

feet hanging over your bed

remembering little evil brother kicking you in the face

watching Godzilla at the drive in movies?

that pain in your ying yang,

barking up the wrong tree?

the monkey

talks back

throwing banana peel

‘haste makes waste’


in your face.

tie your tennis shoes together

hop next door

borrow a cup of sugar

from aunt Tillie’s

son sitting on the porch

while he just stares at you

twiddling his thumbs

watching old ladies hobbling

with wheeled carts of groceries

laughing at jokes he didn’t

understand on late night TV

falling in a briar patch

filled with

greasy hamburgers

feeding his hungry ambitions

stepping on thorns


through both

flip flops


swelling feet

while that foggy city

takes a ride

on a ferry


naked fondling dreams

knowing that ageless kid…

is probably goanna

be his own hero


shave his thinning head of hair,

grow a straggly beard,

get a nose ring,

two ear rings,

so he’s not some

pretty boy


his head



some girl’s face


on his chest



etched in his heart

driving nowhere on the head of a




Published by

Steven James Humphreys

My books are for sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I live with my wife and our cats and dog. I hope you enjoy my blog and find it informative, meaningful and entertaining. Let me know what you think. You can read more on my 'about me' page. Thanks for stopping by! Take a visit to my other site.

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