In a Grocery Store Dream

I was

in a grocery store



the other night

Flying high

through the clouds

not fearing heights

(heights scare the living you know what out of me!)

But, not in this dream.

No, not at all…

I was so nonchalant

about flying through the

air like Superman.

I was so brave

thousands of feet up in the air

even though I wasn’t wearing my

secret magic cape.

It was definitely the brave version of me,

not the chicken me

sitting here, talking to you.

The dream felt so real,

maybe it was an out of body experience.

Could be…

Sure felt like one.


I remember Ray Davies


‘where have all the good times gone?’

And, I do reminisce

about where it is they might have gone.

You know, the good times

when you were a young lad or lass?




did I say happy.

Yet, the green apes are still coming!

I want you to be mindful of that…

It’s just a matter of when they  decide to show

up and begin their raping and pillaging.

(just make sure you have plenty of ripe bananas on hand.

the browner, the better. that’s what the green

apes like. Rotten bananas for rotten apes.)


Oh, by the way, I have been wanting to tell you a short story…

At the grocery store, the other day, the checker

remembered seeing my wife shopping there the day before.


She said, ‘I saw your wife shopping here, yesterday!’

It really caught me off guard.

So, I replied,

‘Oh, really? I guess we must be buying a lot of food these days. We do eat well.’

I didn’t ask her if I was with my wife when she talked to her.

(I don’t think that fast.)

Because, if I was, that guy, whoever he was, must’ve sure looked like me.

I mean, if it was me, my memory must be going.

One problem…

My wife does not shop there, only I do.

I told my wife the story and she laughed.

She thought it was strange, too.


I still asked her (to be on the safe side) if she was there yesterday.

She said, no.


I always get the groceries.

I am the modern day caveman

who does his bloodless hunting at the grocery store

and brings home the bacon.


This checker who I have talked to for years, got me mixed up with someone who

must be my


(My evil twin. Example- Vampire.)

I don’t see what else it could be.

What do you think?

Strange things have been happening to

me of late.

It’s OK.

Often, in the past, others said I looked familiar,

or asked if they knew me, or that I reminded them

of someone.



I am though, ready to become a changed man;

unless it is going to harm or kill me.

I don’t want to be required to die to do it.

I mean, I don’t want to get better through dying.

I don’t think that’d help me.

It wouldn’t be an improvement.

(a dead me would not be cool.)

If it’s going to be detrimental, then

I guess I’d choose staying the same old me…

I’m not so bad the way I am,

but I do think it’s time for me to

evolve into another better being;

more compassionate and stuff like that, etc.


Now, I was thinking.

It could be true.

I mean, the checker’s story about

my Doppelganger friend.


There is a sliver of doubt about it (or, silver lining;)

so, therefore it could be true.


There could be a carbon copy of me running loose

around town.

Don’t laugh.

It is possible.

1. The man with the woman the checker girl thought was my wife

2. looked like me simply because gray haired old F__TS

all look much alike.


3. Was it the face of my soul

running wild without my body

in the produce section of the store

searching for the brownest bananas

for those green apes?

Going on…

All these mass hallucinations are killing me!

It’s the one about where this life is virtual

and was all recorded in a video tape that when you die

you can replay it and live it over again still having

free choice so you can do it

right the next time.

(I thought this one up all by myself.)

I do feel I must have been here before.

how bout’ you?

I guess I screwed up again

and they must have sent me back

even though I don’t remember asking for a


I could very well be repeating.

Remember, nothing is there until you see it?

It has something to do with a probability distribution.

That’s related to Quantum Physics.

I have been studying it as a layman for years,

yet still can’t seem to understand it well enough

to explain it to you…

(You’d have to ask Tom Campbell.)

That, you don’t die until you are damned good and ready?

Because, the air you breathe is actually not air

at all.

It’s nothing but virtual empty air.

On the side…

It’s funny…

when you know you need to change,

but you simply don’t know how to do it.

So, you stay the same old you…

But, if you were to ask me

‘So, Mr. Steven, what’s the purpose of living this life?’

I would have to tell you in the deepest sincerity,

‘I’m afraid you are not alone on that one.’

Yet, I would also be required to add

or be blatantly irresponsible

by using a number of poetic circumlocutions,

‘since we are conscious,

who the heck made that happen?

Or, was it that the question was to be found within the pond slime




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Steven Humphreys

Me and my wife live with our beloved pets in the sunny state. I am a writer, who has authored several books on varied subjects currently for sale at popular book outlets. I hope you like my blog finding it informative, meaningful and entertaining. Let me know what you think. You can read more 'about me' on this site. Thanks for stopping by!

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