Coffee, Tea and Plain Old Ki

For God’s sake man!

Get out of your own way.

You are in the middle of pinching off

that data stream

of me and your Ki.

There is that information

you didn’t think was there,

as it is slippery and illusive

in its own wallowing nature.

The trick is…

Don’t believe in anything you see.

Be skeptical as all hell.

Yet, be open minded at the same time

it begins to break out of its shell.

We can both sit and talk about this in a civil manner

for just about an hour,

can’t we?

How much more time could we need?

I think not…

You must catch a glimpse of it as we speak;

it’s both our very words

we must catch

in small strands,

my dear man.

You know the one


You are as long as a boa constrictor snake

and twice as wide!

And, how will ya’ have it

given to ya’ on a

turkey platter!

I think you know

very well

what I am about to tell you…

I’m sure better than one swift kick!


Humble my pie

stick it out in the sun

baker boy…

And, if there is that room you go to

that you don’t come back from,

would you follow me there to that cubicle

once again to sit together and contemplate this

mess you got us both into?

Would you throw that curtain

open and beg for more

of them apples?

Would you let that starving calico cat

in who’s licking his chops staring you

down through that kitchen window?

Would you give him his share

of bone-in fish


makes him smile

and allow him in to purr

in your face?

No, you cannot resist me,

he says as he ‘hypnotized’

you down to your

empty wallet.

I see you weakened and gave in

to your better judgement…

He does have his favorite spot in your living room

cat tree, you know.

And, now, you have it;

It’s coffee, tea and plain old Ki__y.

Do we need to go over this one more time,

or must I strong arm

the mind of a very fickle

feline impersonator?


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