Valley of Ashes

There is a valley of


I know there are

soldiers there,

but not our soldiers.

They don’t reason.

They only obey.

you know them,

they surround you.

they are on the left

of you

and the right side.

they have their arms around you,

they try to coerce you,

they try to own you…

but, you are like me, aren’t you

dear friend?

you won’t let them in;

even though

they have their cannons

aimed at your head

and rattle their sabers

close to your neck.

they have their subtle weaponry

and currency to bribe you.

but, they cannot touch

what they want you to believe

a hundred thousand times

on billboards, on TV, on the internet;


there’s an insidious unkempt


you better not speak between your ears,

for their thoughts come from hellish mouths.


when they

lower their death blow

(coup de grace,)




bound words




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