Boast not where the Poppies Grow

We escape into yet another day;

boast not where the poppies grow.

we run away.

we don’t know where God hides

himself every day.

we say the wrong things

at all the wrong times.

eat the wrong foods.

we laid with the wrong person.

We get lied to.

we get deceived.

then, we withdraw

for a while

some for a lifetime

and suffer the loneliness

of the void.

we drink

and wake up the next day

with an achy head.

then, you meet that decent person

with a good heart

and, you still had your lessons

but, you find there are always the new lessons.

Lessons that teach life isn’t just about you and what you want.

you learn that people are imperfect

and that you can’t change someone

and that you can change you

into someone else better

if the time for that ever shows.

You learn that nothing worthwhile comes easy


there is always more work to do;

but, that some things get left undone

that need to be done


no fault of your own.

that someday, you will say to yourself

“Yes, I want to change. Yes, I am ready to

become someone else instead of acting like I’m someone else.”

But, you may never know how to do that

because the difference between acting and being

may not be so clear,

because there is no one to guide you

except your own conscience

and you try to muddle through it alone

and you never know if you quite made it or not…

It’s that you don’t see those things you have yet to understand.

And, that you will understand why a lot of things are the way they are

only when they reveal themselves to you

in an experiential understandable and real way.

But, that day may never come our way.

You learn you can’t fix others,

not even help.

for, they have to be ready for the next step

on their own…

what matters, is that we ourselves become ready.

But, for what?

No one will ever tell us.

No one ever can.

It is ours alone

to do.

That’s all I can say about it.

I often wondered when young

why the old people liked such small

dogs on their laps.

and, I have come to know why.

it’s because they look you in the face.

more so, they look you deeply into your eyes

caring how you think and feel.

they look to you

for their salvation.

and, by that, you know someone is there.

someone, who was created

by something more than you and I.

yes, I have come to know these small creatures have a soul just like yours

that looks back through their tiny eyes.

and, they are a friend who wants nothing more

than to be with you

with no other reason

than to be at your side.


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