How to Copyright

How to copyright that book of poetry or novel of yours isn’t as hard as it used to be. If I can do it, anyone can. The hardest part is writing, organizing and piecing your book of poetry or novel together to make it coherent.

That takes some time. All you need is Microsoft Word to do it, but various writer’s software programs like New Novelist (like I use,) is my favorite. I also highly recommend it in that I believe it helps new writers who want to self-publish their work on Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble, like I did.

Copyrighting your work is actually not necessary. But, it’s a good idea, so you have registration if someone tries to steal your material or use it without compensating you.

Your work is always your property and no one can legally use it without your permission. But, to be safe, it is better to pay the forty five dollars to copyright each manuscript with the US Copyright Office.

How to Copyright

First, you should go on their site and search the records to see if your title has been used, yet. Then, you go to the record a document section. There, you just follow all the steps and upload your entire book’s manuscript.

You pay online, too. Or, you can do it by mail. It takes a while to get your registration papers for your copyrighted book in the mail, but it will eventually come in the months ahead. I have self-published three ‘how to’ books’ digital and hard copy, one digital book of poetry, and a novel named ‘Meet Duff,’ in digital and hardcopy on Amazon and Barnes and Novel.


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